Oh boy, Well Chief – DOWN, Amaretto Rose – LOST, Fair Along – LOST, DetroitCity – STILL RUNNING! The bookies are having a field day at Cheltenham. The highlight for me this week was Denman’s imperious performance, and I can’t wait to see if Kauto Star will cope with the fences and big field. I’ll be watching and leaving well alone.


This week saw a return of form for the Maria selections after a torrid past week. I always knew it would perform as it has done, the highlight being a 9 runner clean sweep a couple of days ago. Lady Luck has finally decided to smile on me this week after shooting
arrows at me last week. I trust this will continue and will endeavour to get back on track.


Those famous words written by my showbiz pals 10CC are very apt for the start of the Cricket World Cup. I must say I do enjoy this limited over cricket and can see that will better matched sides it should be a tight and interesting affair. I managed to get a glimpse of Scotland v Australia, and the Scots boys did well, although The Aussies just shaded it by a couple of hundred runs. I haven’t got a betting angle on it, suffice to say that you could do the tournament dutch on the favourites in the outright market and trade as each team (hopefully) progresses and their prices get smaller (remember Wimbledon last year?)


On the theme of trading, I know there are some emailers waiting for my trading article and, frankly, I haven’t had the time to give it the full justice it deserves, because I’ll want to include screenshots, and full explanations of each technique. Please, then be patient. In the meantime, I can send you a foundation if you want so you can get an idea of the thought processes behind trading. While we’re on this subject, it would seem that the Raj Patel trading strategy, (which, I must reiterate is not necessarily new, nor is it, in my opinion, worth £200) worked well on some games yesterday. I noted the Espanyol v Maccabai Haiffa game yesterday.

Laying Espanyol at 1.45 could have resulted in a good profit at half time as the result was 0-0 and the price to back rose to 1.80. This strategy, with the shorties, is reliant on luck to a large part, and getting the old prayer mat out to hope the favoured teams do not score, but in closer games, we have a greater chance of profiting. All in all, there are the seeds of profitability with this strategy.


I now have the full compliment of MrJAger’s betting systems from www.gambling-systems.org, and the horse racing and greyhound strategies are not so much betting systems as staking plans, and are an old take on the progressive staking, albeit a much safer option. This kind of staking plan has been out there for years and is nothing new at all. I don’t want to dismiss MrAger’s systems because they do work, with the caveat that they DO work with a good selection system. These methods of staking are worthwhile and profitable if worked with a decentish strike rate (on the horse racing side) – the greyhound systems deals mostly with dutching again and favs and 2nd favs as an option.


I now have this to hand, although I must admit I was unable to take MrAger up on his offer of a visit to hishouse to see the system in operation. I know, from correspondence, that there are some clued up readers who have devoted some time to roulette, so I would really be grateful for their feedback and contributions regarding this method – please get in touch.


I enjoyed a good chat with LouiseWoof regarding her forex package, in order to get clear in my mind the system she has developed, and will be monitoring and trialling this in the near future. It takes a unique look at forex through the fundamental analyst’s eyes rather than the technical analysis of courses such as insider signal.

The fundamental analysis is considerably easier of course, not requiring us to analyse chart formations or support and resistance, candlestick patterns etc. I am confident that this can produce the goods and really look forward to this new approach to the forex markets. I’ll definitely keep you informed. On financial matters, a friend in LondonTown, the big smoke, the Metropolis etc, has tipped me off about a little share strategy that a car mechanic (no not Phil ‘shut it you slaaaag’ Mitchell) has developed over 7
years. I’ve been pleading with her to share the info and hope she will oblige soon (then I can share it with you of course!) It sounds like a good method, and is making this car mechanic some decent returns.

So some exciting stuff to come. March’s newsletter is due out soon, and I think I need a MissMoneyPenny to help me with my workload at the moment. I am currently wading through the European Email Mountain, and apologise to anyone who hasn’t received a reply in proper time. I will put in an effort today (after Cheltenham of course!) and hope to be back on track
I’ve got plenty of systems lined up for my next shop and hope to uncover a good thing – who knows? In the meantime I have found a site where you can join for free and gain free access to tens of systems gratis – email me and I’ll pass on my findings.
In the meantime have a great weekend, and don’t forget the footy blog (which has been performing admirably of late (http://soccerbettingmoneymaker.blogspot.com/) for the weekend’s action. I’ve got a cousin’s birthday tomorrow – got to get my WorzelGummidge ‘Uncle’ head on.

Bye for now