Readers of the blog will notice I pretty much ignore meetings where the ground is soft or heavy ( or, indeed, where the ground changes to soft or heavy during a meeting)

The reason for this? Well, I’m not a form student – have no desire to be one. You know my methods by now – look for an 8 runner race, see if I can discount the outsiders, and look for a horse to place, with a chance of winning!. This paid of yesterday with a 6/1 and 3/1 winner coming in. Happy days.

Yes, NO form analysis whatsoever – that’s the way I like it.

This is why I ignore, largely, soft ground meetings, as the ground can throw up the odd strange results.  If you wanted to play at soft ground venues, then I would recommend taking a more speculative viewpoint, and ignoring the obvious horses. The price bracket I would focus on would be between 8/1 and 16/1 for each way bets.

This is  based on the assumption that  market leaders will falter, fall, or find soft going too much for them.

The bigger the fields the better for this type of bet .

Something for you to think about , but as you’ll read in today’s blog, I just have a no bet day.

The strength of the punter is his ability to chose the races he wants to bet in and this strength should be exercised.