Selection Strategy

Here’s s quick system you can use to find out instantly the fastest horse in a given race.  The information can be found by using the TopSpeed ratings in the Racing Post.

Follow theses steps:

1)  Look at the Topspeed ratings for all races. These can be found in the Racing Post newspaper as part of the Postdata / Topspeed table. Online at, click on “Cards”.

2)  Choose the first race and then click on “TS” – this will sort out the race by Topspeed.

3)  If the top rated horse is clear of the second rated by 20 points or more, then it becomes a qualifier.

4)  It would be wise to avoid soft and heavy ground.

I told you it was quick.

The logic behind this little system is that we have identified the horse that is clear of the rest of the field by the Racing Post‘s Speed Ratings. In an ideally run race without much buffeting, or traffic problems, then that horse has an outstanding chance of success if consenting to put his best foot forward.  Here’s an example just to make the above steps a little clearer:


530 Newcastle

Looking at the Latest Topspeed Ratings for this race in the Racing Post, Capable Guest is showing a rating of 81 (We know this is the highest topspeed rating because it is in bold).

The next step is to find the next highest rating. This was 58 for a horse called Zefooha. The difference between Capable Guest’s rating of 80 and Zefooha’s rating of 58 is 22.

This fits in ideally with the system.

Capable Guest wins at 11/2.

It must be said there are no selections every day but selections are worth waiting for.

This system is very easy to use. It can also be applied if you are looking at sprint distances over the flat in particular. If you notice a horse in a sprint race, with a good draw, and who is clear in the Topspeed ratings, then this could highlight a worthwhile bet.

Bottom line

It is very easy to check through Topspeed Ratings both online and offline using this little strategy and I will be following any selections with interest. There wont be selections every day, but when one appears then we can be assured that the horse who has met our criteria will, by default, be the fastest horse in the race, and as long as he or she gets a decent chance of a clear run, then the horse’s chance of winning is increased.