“Due to massive demand the doors will close on  this proven Forex trading system at midnight,  Friday 31st July – reserve your place today and  avoid missing out!”


As you are a loyal reader, I wanted to make sure you  got plenty of warning.

Chances are you’ve probably heard of The Ultimate FX  Predictor before – the hugely popular trading  programme designed to make trading Forex simple and  potentially highly profitable.

If you’re after a genuine way to make money from  home, but have been let down by other opportunities  before, then I can passionately recommend you take a  look at this.

What we have here is a simple and proven system that  lets you dip into the Forex (currency) markets at times  that suit you and make a potential £550-£1,100 a week  or more!

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And this is not hype or empty promises – it’s backed up  by real life success stories from ordinary people  following the system and making money. Since  launching last year, thousands of people from the UK  and around the world have discovered just how  powerful and easy to use this system is.

I’ve known Keith Cotterill (the brains behind TUFXP) for  15 years. You couldn’t wish to meet a nicer guy. He’s  been a full-time trader of the financial and commodity  markets since 1991. He’s definitely not one of the many  ‘flyby- night’ Forex gurus who make big promises but never deliver.

Over the years I’ve watched him develop his Trading Edge Strategy across various markets, including  commodities and equities. And then, last year he  applied his proven approach to currencies – with  amazing results

Trading systems come and go, but this is the real deal . . .

We both know there are scores of FX trading  programmes out there making claims. Most are  unworkable or just too complex for those new to trading.  Just a handful are good enough to stick around.

I have no doubt that TUFXP will be helping people like  you and me to trade the markets profitably for years to  come.

But there is one drawback . . .

Due to the huge demand on our support team we have  decided to close the doors to new students from  midnight, Friday 31st July for the rest of 2009. We will  not reopen until at least 2010.

This is not some marketing trick. We will not take on  any new UK students until next year. However I wanted  to give you one last chance before the doors close.

What’s more, to help sweeten the news I’ve decided to  make the decision even easier for you.

Why not try the easy pay option?

Maybe you’ve considered trying TUFXP in the past, but  the upfront price has put you off.

It’s true, people often ask me if there are any other  ways they could pay for TUFXP rather than the single  upfront payment. Yes, it is a ‘considered purchase’ and  I understand that if I was to help spread the cost over a  longer period more people would get involved – giving  more people the chance to make money from this  proven Forex trading strategy.

I don’t want anything to stop you from trying this out  risk-free to see the money-making potential for yourself.
So here’s what I propose:

The Ultimate FX Predictor normally costs £1,947 + VAT. However, until midnight on Friday 31st July  2009, you can try out the whole programme for an  initial payment of just £649 + VAT.

You can then try out the software without risk or  obligation for 30 days. If you feel it is not right for  you in that time, then you can return the course for  a full refund of your payment.

If, as I suspect, you will want to keep your hands on  it, then you can make 2 further monthly instalments
of £649 + VAT.

Let me stress again, the deadline for the part payment  and the closedown of TUFXP is midnight, Friday 31st  July. We will not be taking any new students on until at  least next year. What’s more I suspect that the price will  increase significantly when we reopen.

All the details you need about TUFXP are on the  website, including dozens of glowing testimonials.

“Come on Nick, what about the risks?”

Look, I don’t need to tell you that this is speculating and  you should never trade with money you can’t afford to  lose.

However, the beauty of Keith’s strategy is that every trade has a strict stop loss backed by sound money management strategy developed over 18 years of actual trading experience.

In my opinion, Keith’s Ultimate FX Predictor blows most others clean out of the water – not because it is more sophisticated or complex. Quite the opposite! If you are new to trading Forex, but maybe worried about the risks or having to learn technical jargon, this is perfect for you.

Equally, if you have tried other systems but have been disappointed with the results, this could restore your confidence (and profits!).  You really can learn the basic strategy in a single sitting and be making your first trades within hours.

If you decide to take up a risk-free trial (and you’d be mad not to), we’ll take you through every step and give you all the tools you need. Most importantly we felt that one-to-one support was the key to your success, so we’ve made sure that you get unlimited email and telephone support as part of the package.

And to make this even easier, I’ve made sure you are covered by an unconditional 30-day 100% risk free money back guarantee. You can put the strategy to the test for yourself and see if it works for you. In my opinion 30 days is more than enough time to learn the strategy AND apply it to the markets.

If it isn’t for you – for whatever reason – no problem! You can send it back for a full refund of your course fee. And as an extra safety net, I am underwriting this guarantee myself.

Please take a look at the TUFXP website for full details.

But hurry, if you miss the 31st July deadline you’ll have
to go on a waiting list!

Best regards

Nick Laight

PS: We have almost filled the available places and we will be closing to new students at midnight on Friday 31st July 2009. So please at least check out what’s on offer right now to avoid disappointment.