Got a Mobile Phone…? Fancy Making £788.20 Tomorrow Lunchtime…? Then Read This…

There’s been so much interest in Lunchtime Trader – the new financial fixed odds tipping service from Agora Lifestyles (a sister company of Fleet Street Publications Ltd) – that I felt compelled to look into it further. Well, when I found out that it was being run by my old work colleague Freddie Goodman and the good people of Agora Lifestyles, then I knew it would be first class stuff. And that’s why I am happy to recommend it to you.

I got my hands on the latest track record and things are looking great! What’s more I know the identity of the mysterious Adam X – the trader behind the service. He is a highly respected trader but has had to use a pseudonym so as not to compromise his other ventures!

Take a look at the info enclosed with this issue of What Really Wins. As ever, I am personally underwriting the guarantee on this one for your peace of mind. Remember though, this is financial speculation. The markets are extremely volatile right now – this can mean big swings both ways. So yes, there is the potential to maker a lot of money, but also there is the downside risk too. As long as you are comfortable with that, then this could be for you!