www.layblueprint.com: Uh, oh! Here’s another laying manual with the author looking for “97, 76, 59, 37, 31, 16, 11, 6 gamblers to use his laying system and siphon- off a tidy second income, without leaving your PC!”

And guess what? It’s £47 (again!). The spiel is the usual – you know the type – “one day I came across a discovery which skyrocketed my profits – I spent all night perfecting it then writing an ebook where I managed to pad it out for 42 pages until finally I had to reveal my breakthrough system which took up about 3 lines!”

To be honest this manual should be renamed the “Betfair Blueprint” because frankly that’s what it concentrates on. The system itself identifies one specific area that the author believes lessens a horse’s chance of success. Personally, I would not take this one piece of information in isolation but would look to back it up with other negatives against the horse to make it a stronger selection.

But if the system makes me money –who cares!

Well, my £50 starting bank with £2 lays currently stands at £15. I’m not siphoning off that second income just yet, but I will continue to monitor. NOT recommended at present!

www.statisticalsecretsystem.co.uk: Like the preceding system, this one focusses on one specific piece of information that the author believes will adversely affect the horses’ running.

This system comes from James Buswell whose previous efforts have included The Statistical Equation and Statistical Predictor. These 2 systems are backing systems, and after having hired a NASA scientist to help me with selection criteria (!), these systems invariably produced ridiculously short priced selections, some at odds of 1/4.

I quickly shelved these 2 systems, and for the money spent, they were less than useful. I don’t need to go through some ridiculous equation to be told to back a 1/4 shot.

Well, that’s the background, so I approached this system again with a sigh and the Samaritan’s number on autodial . . .

So what’s involved? This system focuses on the horses in blinkers etc first time out. Now this is not giving the system away because there are a number of checklists we have to work through in order to finalise a selection.

There are a large number of bets which do not fall between the odds specified by the system of between 3 and 10 but of those that have, at this early stage in the test period, we have a 100% record. I hope this will continue and can at last recommend a system by Mr Buswell, but it’s far too early to give this a thumbs up or down, but the potential is there. The bets are quite scarce it must be said so patience is a virtue with this system. (Note, we have seen with the professional lay tipsters mentioned that this is a positive thing – quality over quantity).

I don’t know what to make about the claims re turning £100 into £2.7 million in 7 months. If I reach that figure in 7 months, I’ll send my chaffeur to inform you!

NOTE – this may be marketing spin but Mr Buswell says he is closing the doors after 50 copies have been sold. I cannot verify this at present.

Other newbies

The Pinnacle System: Another system that has piqued some readers’ interests, and this fits in nicely with the running theme of insider gambles (eg the Money Vault) – The Pinnacle System seeks to identify insider information in a completely different fashion. Usually stable gambles can show themselves via a marked cutting of the horses’ odds, either in full view of the punter (steamers) or undercover (the 16/1 system et al).

The Pinnacle System has identified jockeys who ride for specific trainers as being the key indicator that a horse is fancied. What The Pinnacle System does is to identify these key trainer/jockey combinations and exploit the potential that the horse in question is quietly fancied. Imagine if a jockey has come to a course just to ride one horse that day, and further, that jockey was one of the big boys – this would certainly be interesting.

By following a few steps, The Pinnacle System can identify these potential good things, and during my test period, has produced a profit, which is the key factor I’m sure you all want to know. Once you get your head around the tables provided, selections become clear.

From a positive perspective this system does not require any monitoring of the live market, and stakes are not determinant on price, so bets can be placed as soon as the work is done.

The Pinnacle System looks to have a degree of promise at this early stage, and the logic behind the system would suggest to me that we can assume it will work year round rather than being a flash in the pan.

BOTTOM LINE: For those unable to use the follow the money systems to unearth the insider information, you may want to cast your eye over The Pinnacle System. Available for £95 frrom www.bettingsystem.info