I have been toying with 3 systems which, when their selections are  lumped together, are producing a good strike rate and return, despite a few of the horses being at odds on.
The great thing about these systems is the fact they  can all be done the night before  using  www.racingpost.co.uk  and a few simple ratings found therein.
The systems with the potential are the SAVER , available at www.legacy4winners.com , cracking betfair,  and racingunlocked. Altogether these systems seem to focus on market leaders and produce a decent set of horses each day which I then back using the safebetplan at www.safebetplan.com.

I will try to update you daily with the results of this little experiment starting tomorrow with a nominal £100 and the safebetplan calculations  – I think you’ll find it an interesting exercise and let’s see how it progresses over the month ahead.