Come on, own up, were you tempted by the Betting Virtuoso with its slick American marketing campaign from Larry Donovan (Jason Donovan’s Dad?!)

I’m afraid I was not tempted, dear reader by the betting breakthrough of the Millennium etc etc… because I sense it is a load of bertie ollocks – and general feedback on forums has confirmed this. The only redeeming features seem to be what you can learn from the pre launch marketing techniques – which were excellent!

I will NOT be purchasing Betting Virtuoso I’m afraid (unless they throw in a Kelly Brook 2009 calendar AND a Tina O’Brien 2009 calendar AND a Pussycat Dolls 2009 Calendar).

It’s from a group whose previous work in my opinion has been utterly useless – does a leopard ever change his spots?

Feedback on Betting Virtuoso from those who succumbed is welcome. I am more than happy to be proved wrong.


Another 100% strike rate this week for my place only selections. I have taken a few risks by choosing place only selections at relatively bigger odds (1.65!) and they scraped home 3rd by the skin of their teeth!

A couple of readers with an interest in place betting have been telling me about their strategies. This makes very interesting reading indeed and I hope to be able to share them with you. My betting exchange profits tester is as happy as a man who has previewed the Kelly Brook, Tina O’Brien and Pussycat Dolls 2009 calendars. The profits are still coming despite a losing Monday where shorties were unplaced across the card!

On the place only betting theme, Raj (I was on the telly you know – don’t think I’ve mentioned that before) Patel has a new place only betting system, which as usual is bringing in the profits – so his screen profits hint at. The thing about Raj’s systems is that it’s only after you’ve forked out £200+ that you realise the system is so damn easy.

My ideas? Could this be a version of Raj’s Racing Cash Machine for place only betting? Ie. follow the racing live and back a market leader who looks like he could place? The number of bets hint at this. Could this be a follow the market place only system? I was looking yesterday on the place only markets with this in mind – looking for out of kilter selections. Eg look at this sequence 1,2,3,4,5,6,7

Now look at this sequence


Can you see which number is out of kilter? Yes the number 3. Now the odds on Betfair usually follow this 1- 7 principle – 1 being the shortest odds at the top of the market, and 7 being the biggest odds at the base of the market. But what if the odds on the 4th horse were actually shorter than the odds for the 3rd horse? The sign of money? It’s just a thought at present, but 3 wins in the first 3 races and a 14.5 place only selection at the bottom of the market yesterday (came 2nd!) augur well. More to follow on that…

I will be scouring the Betfair forum too for any hints about Raj’s system but will certainly not be forking out a 3 figure sum for what I know will be a very simple system! Again feedback welcome from readers on this one!


Do you remember the Golden Ratio? Well it was something Steve Braxton, a reader, came up with. Well out of the blue this week Steve phones up yours truly and was as excited as a man who’s unwrapped his Christmas presents and found Kelly Brook, Tina O’Brien and Pussycat Dolls 2009 calendars!

Apparently now he has simplified his strategy. He’s working with a clever reader in Scotland in the hope he has a eureka moment, and I await with interest his new system. So stay tuned – the first effort was a complicated affair and made my brain hurt – hopefully this new version will make life a little easier.


International matches this weekend -a chance for a mug punter acca? I found an errant £20 a couple of weeks ago in my Ladbrokes account during the European leagues’ cup games – you know like the Carling Cup but in Denmark, Holland, Italy etc. – all on the same weekend. So I did a 17 team accumulator which included 2 teams to win half time/full time. Are you ahead of me? Yes 16 teams all won, and the 17th team won 4-0 but it was a half time/full time selection who scored in the 52nd minute. I was as gutted as someone who HADN’T received Kelly Brook, Tina O’Brien and Pussycat dolls calendars for Xmas! £1100 return up in smoke because one team couldn’t be bothered to score in the first half!

With so many seeming minnows v giants this weekend, it might be worth trying a big acca?

The last 2 weeks have seen 100% strike rate on the footy blog across all bets – remember that evens treble – 2 x 1 / 2 shots and a 1/3 shot – well I have been laying these now as one team always lets me down – last week Bayern only managed a 2-2 draw (and they were 2/7 shots!) could this be a way to go? Using Betfair multiples, we do tend to play overinflated odds alas but so far so good!

Well, another newsletter looms large on the horizon and there’s plenty for me to get my teeth into. If you do have any feedback in the interim please send it across asap.

I note from last week’s newsletter that the Patriarch’s system has been churning out a couple of nice priced winners. Very promising indeed!

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Right, I’m off now to NOT buy the betting virtuoso but I will ask Larry Donovan from Betting Virtuoso if he can ask Jason Donovan if he can get me Kylie Minogue’s mobile number.

Have a great weekend!