Scam Alert!

They’ll go to any length to get your cash from you, and now lies, lies, lies are the order of the day.

AD Associates Mislead

Readers of the eletter will already be aware of this scam from AD Associates who have previously scuffled with the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).  Well, they have plumbed new depths in their attempt to con you out of £297 for their Bill Harris System.  As a number of readers of the newsletter do not read the eletter, I thought I would recount the AD Associates article I did for the eletter here, and add an update regarding ANOTHER new tipster who seems to be using AD Associates’ misrepresentation of results.  No doubt many of you will have received what can only be described as a thoroughly professional mailing piece from AD Associates regarding the Bill Harris system which will make you £3,000 in cash in 31 days guaranteed!

This really is a superb example which shows the tricks the professionals use to part you from your money, including

  • Selective memory loss – you know they NEVER mention any losses.
  • Focus on one month’s performance ONLY – how on earth can you judge a system by ONE MONTH’S SOLITARY PERFORMANCE? (You’ll know why after you see the next month’s results!)
  • Making 100% guarantees, which in this betting world, is a SIMPLE LIE and marketing speak. And much, much more.

I draw your attention to the following website: This exposes the whole AD Associates mailing for the sham it is.

Firstly this is NOT a new betting system, they are merely remarketing an existing system, which by their own proofed results, is not profiting, much less making £3K a month consistently as their mailing piece would have us believe.

Yes, in one month they made the profits that were claimed, BUT that was not sustainable. Look at the website above and, if they had told you about May to June, and not just April to May, then, well, you’d have at least found some very nice lining for the cat litter tray.  NO WONDER they only want you to look at April and May’s profits! Because they would not have sold a bean had they let you focus on the rest of the results.

Misleading – You Betcha!

NOWHERE within their recent mailing have they mentioned the £4,176 loss in the last eight weeks – all they have reiterated is the £3,480 profit between April and May, and if you read the website, you will know this is even dubious based upon claimed £20 stakes.  These guys have tussled with the ASA before, so they are seasoned professionals!

Please, please, please do not fall for AD Associates.  I have mentioned them many times – this is not a personal vendetta at all. The ASA have even brought them to book. My previous focus, over many years, has been on customers’ inability to ever get refunds from them.

So please don’t be one of the lucky 35 (YIKES! -another marketing trick).

Now the marketing piece is exceptional, and for those of you who want to know how to write marketing copy that is very persuasive, and well formatted, just keep the AD Associates Bill Harris marketing piece and duplicate its wording and construction (of course tell the truth yourselves!!).

What Can I Learn From This?

Well the first clue was the very fact that they focused on ONE MONTH ONLY as the basis of their results for this system. ONE MONTH ONLY!  This is a standard tactic within the premium rate phone industry as I have recounted previously – focus on a biggish priced winner that was picked a couple of days ago (and make sure you don’t mention the catastrophic losses of the last two days!!).

The second clue was the company – I already know about AD Associates and their penchant, for, let’s say, exaggerating the profit potential of their products.  Further, I know their reputation as a company who do not honour refunds.

This was all I needed, but obviously from the emails I have received, the marketing piece was hugely persuasive and enticing to many, BUT you should know by now that you cannot realistically take anything at face value.

The lesson learned from the AD Associates mailing should really waken you to the fact that any tipster and betting system mailing piece can be as persuasive as can be, but it is ultimately up to you to find any potential flaws (to reiterate with the above – one month’s results only was the flaw).

So any other offer you might receive from hereon in must be viewed with scepticism until ultimately you are satisfied. Key areas to look out for

  • 100% guarantees of future profits – it’s just not realistic or possible
  • Results that seem too good to be true – THEY ARE!
  • The hint of an accommodation address – they can get away sharpish!
  • NO verifiable results over a sustained period of time -and I mean a SUSTAINED period of time, and, if a horse racing system, preferably using a results proofing site where we personally can verify the results.

What Can You Do – Google It!

Yes, the great thing about being the first is that there are many, many copy cats. What Really Wins Money was the first, and the Internet has seen others who have sprung up.

This is great news for the punter and bad news for AD Associates and their ilk. In the case of the Bill Harris system, here are the key words you could google:

  • bill harris racing index proofing
  • ad associates scam
  • bill harris scam
  • bill harris/ad associates review

If you use the words “scam” and “review” google will bring up forum chats and the like and hopefully you will strike gold and be exposed to the truth about a specific betting system.

A Carbon Copy Of The Above…

Yes, no doubt you will have been bombarded by this service  Well, you get the usual follow-up emails – this tipster is banned by all online bookmakers apparently -well you would be if you posted screenshots winning £40 and staking £7.50 on your tips – this guy is BIG LEAGUE I tells yer!

Well, the good news is that you can follow this tipster, who is apparently called “Winning Form”, at this website by simply registering and checking how they perform under League Tables -so there’s no hiding place for this tipster.

Look at their long-term performance and it makes interesting reading. Reminds me so much of the AD Associates scam where they only showed one month where the system profited, but if you looked into it further, you’d see the tips were appalling. This looks like another dodgy one, I’m afraid, at first glance – August’s bumper profits are, erm -7.43 points to SP and -3.42 to Betfair prices (I don’t recall the Betfair screenshots showing this loss in August at Be careful with this one, because they may use Betfair prices to bump up the profit figures.

Affiliate Systems And Tipsters Are Here

To Benefit Sellers, Not Buyers

The affiliate business model that you are so familiar with, I’m sure, has been proven over time to benefit those who sell the products rather than those who buy.  Take another look at and you can see that these people have this form of marketing down to a T, apart from telling ALL of the truth about the performance of their products.  (Thankfully they gave us a clue in this case via

This is a continuous problem for reviewers of betting systems, because the websites are identical, the marketing language used is, of course, full of emotional triggers and the claims made are, frankly, over the top, misleading and unrealistic.

The real reason for these services is to market you further poor quality fare at the same £37 price tag.  And they do this by pretending that the service is fully prescribed.

This month alone has seen a multitude of £37 products released, one after the other, and surely it is time to say “NO!” to these affiliate marketers.

Bottom Line If it sounds too good to be true, then it is (there’s no “probably” about it.)

Do leopards ever change their spots? Do people who have sold you crap eBook after crap eBook for 3+ years suddenly start producing quality – I think not!  This is but one technique used to part you from your cash, and to charge £297, as AD Associates did, is shocking.

There are no excuses any more to get ripped off.  Don’t let greed blind you and cloud your decision making. DO NOT fall for the time pressure tactics (up in price Midnight – last few then we close the doors blah, blah, blah) – realize that you will not be catapulted into Ferraris and villas in France off the back of a £37 eBook which is sold by affiliates – you won’t! Their wares did not produce what they claimed then, so why on earth do you think they will now?  SCREENSHOTS are not proof of income.

TESTIMONIALS on certain of these affiliate sales pages are actually provided by affiliates OR MADE UP!  PROFIT CLAIMS are unprovable. For example, a screenshot of £40 profit for the horse racing tipster is supposed to make us believe this guy is the best horse racing tipster out there? (His proofed results over time tell me he is misleading us.)

AFFILIATE EMAILS telling us this is the next big thing are simply scripted and come from people who have not tried out the product, much less read it. What they have read is the 50% on each sale that they get!  So, hold your horses from now on, and don’t fall for these tactics. Eventually, the cream will rise to the top and those systems which actually work will have longevity.