Use these 3 FREE Bet-X software packages to supercharge your trading profits

If you’re a betting exchange fan, here’s some exciting software that can give you a real edge in your trading. And best of all – they’re free!

Free Software Package 1:

Betting In Running Trading Application (BIRT)


OK, let’s start with the Betting In Running Trading Application, better known as “BIRT” The software is available to all Betfair account holders at Error! Hyperlink reference not valid.

BIRT is specifically designed for ‘in running’ betting on Betfair. If you’re unfamiliar with ‘in-running’ betting, I urge you to follow a typical UK horse race that is in-running on the Betfair site. Horses’ prices fluctuate with their perceived chances NOT JUST at the off, but throughout the race. If a horse is running like a donkey, its odds will increase. If a horse is running possessed, then its perceived chances of winning are reflected in its price, which will reduce.

In your premier issue of WRWM you were introduced to in running markets, albeit specifically devoted to football. Well, horse racing also offers this option, at a fast and furious pace – not over 90 minutes, but 4-5 minutes at most! So your ability to react to the continuous fluctuations of the prices is vital if you want to profit. The BIRT software offers 2 features to help you do just that:

1. One click and you’re on! You can use BIRT to place a bet with a single click of the mouse, rather than having to click twice using the normal Betfair website – as prices change so quickly we you need to be quick – this really is invaluable.

2. Quick refresh! Betfair changes its prices automatically every 5 seconds. This really is
inadequate – not good for in-running betting because we are not getting a quick enough feel for the way a horse’s particular price is faring. BIRT gives you the ability to see price changes every second. Again, with a fast and furious market, this is another key to in running success.

Free Software Package 2: Bet Angel Basic

This Trading software is a freebie introduction to a ‘professional’ application which costs a whopping £199 and £19.99 per month thereafter. However Bet Angel Basic could prove to be a great addition to your trading arsenal. It’s an ideal, yet basic interface to help you trade, not only on horse racing, but also on and other sports. It is available free to download at

Risk free bets guaranteed and just one click away! In my footie trading article in the premiere edition of WRWM, I stressed the importance of getting any liability you have back as quickly as possible. Well this can now be done with a single click, automatically, using this software. This really is a superb tool to help you ‘balance the books’. Trading is all about liabilities and profits. So if we have a tool that can spread the liabilities and profits in such a way that we cannot lose, then this can only be good news.

Free Software Package 3: The Value Place This is an altogether  different type of software, free to view at .

Value Place deals specifically with the ‘place-only’ market on Betfair. This is a market unique to the exchanges (although it’s known as the ‘Place and Show’ market in American racing.). It lets you make a bet on a horse to be placed only – eg: come in the first 2 in 6 and 7 runner races, or come in the first 3 in 8 runner races. Certain 16 runner races pay out on the first 4 placed (rather than win outright).

There’s no point in me duplicating what’s already written on the website, so take a look and have a good read. They claim to have made £100,000+ using the software. Of course when I see a claim like that I want to analyse it properly. However, at this early stage, it wont cost you anything to find out as it’s free!

I’ll take screenshots of every weekend race to see if I can determine a correlation between %’s and winnings, and I’ll let you know in the next issue.

These applications are all linked in to Error! Hyperlink reference not valid., the leading betting exchange, and have tutorial videos and downloadable guides. So make use of them while they’re still free, and cross that £200 software bot off your shopping list!