Hats off to Stephen Brookes and his team of 500 Korean writers who work night and day to come up with another product – in fact he has released 2 in one week!

The first is the football maestro at http://www.thefootballmaestro.com (it looks suspiciously like a Brookes production – template website, the use of ebookcover software etc etc) and frankly, it’s a load of rubbish! Amateurish and wholly unoriginal football betting tips by someone purporting to be a professional tipster but is only a normal punter who is charging for his opinion.

Honestly, the selections he comes up are very obvious indeed – recent examples include Liverpool at home to Marseilles and Lyon v Rangers – both going pear shaped. So personally I would leave this well alone. Tips are free at present but personal preference is for personal research with a little help from The Racing Post sports pages and The Racing and Football Outlook. You can get a more professional synopsis from these publications and really create your own opinions rather than to end up paying for others.

I’m going evens about ‘Mr Football (Austin) Maestro’ picking Man Utd to beat Wigan and also mentioning over 2.5 goals in this game tomorrow – I await in expectation!

The second system is Layingstorm -I’m amazed that he’s not running out of titles – Laygenius, Lay2profit, Laying Revolution, Betfair Secrets, Laytrader. This is a fine advertisement for a thesaurus but again I won’t be partaking. I’m growing a little tired of Mr Brookes’ quantity over quality approach. There’s no doubting he’s a fine marketing man – able to whip up a frenzy time and time again but I need a break from funding his retirement!

Onto The Money Box. I’ve bought a copy of this system and it requires a copy of the Sun. There is an Irish Sun version which contains the racing pages so I’m in business (I await the arrival of Kelly O’Brook on Page 3 – I live in hope!) – far too early to say anything about the results, suffice to say it’s not a follow the live betting market which is a positive. Again the Money Box focuses on the betting forecasts and uses comparators in a wholly unique way. I look forward to trialling it and I would ask too for a tester or two amongst you because I cannot guarantee getting the Irish Sun every day.

Have you been making use of the free bets from the bookies? I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it myself and it really is risk free to employ bookmakers and betting exchanges together. Check out www.freebetsarbitrage.com/wrwm for more information on other great arbing strategies.

Interested in the National Hockey league in the USA?

I have flirted with American Football but am interested in getting an angle into Hockey and Baseball as there are a multitude of opportunities out there. Well I’ve purchased Frank Belanger’s Hockey system and it needs a tester with a specific interest in American sports and Hockey in particular – so get in touch.

I have also purchased The Laywell System after a reader recommendation. I’ve also obtained Layingimpact if anyone wants to test that. It is with laying that I have the greatest problems tracking systems because of the need for Betfair prices so your help would be appreciated. You get a free system, I get to share the results with readers – win -win! Again, layingimpact requires the live betting market for its selections and takes a new twist an old idea of laying certain favs, be they first, second or 3rd, if they meet specific criteria. Again it will serve no real usefulness for those unable to follow the live market.


I’ve been generally pleased with my Asian handicap selections and the key seems to be just waiting for the right selections at the right time and exploiting the better odds provided by these Asian bets when compared with the match odds. I’ve already mentioned Chelsea versus Hull. It’s these quality bets that we can exploit. My Asian buddies this season, off the top of my head, should include Man Utd, Arsenal and Barcelona. I think a negative view on the big boys in Italy can be taken (ie giving their opposition a 1.5 goal start), as early indications are that oppositions seem to have a very defensive attitude when playing the big boys. It’s a pity the Spuds could only manage a draw this week away from hope, but with the value of hindsight it was more of a “top up the tan” jaunt and they naturally lacked any sense of urgency with a 6-1 lead!


Yes you’ll recall I recently mentioned how we can profit from accumulators which go awry (and they do, time and time again!), well the list of shorties failing to oblige should reinforce a policy of laying these accas via the multiples option on Betfair instead of backing them. Think Lyon, think Liverpool, think Ajax, think Milan (congrats to the Celtic Bhoys!), Spurs at 1/3, think Rennes 1/3, Nantes at 1/3. Carnage for the short price backers but a clean sweep if you’d decided to become an accumulator bookmaker for the Champions League and UEFA Cup games this week. This really can be a profitable venture because you know one team will always draw!


I must admit I do like the Jumps season, and as I have already mentioned, it is great from a layers perspective. It’s winding up slowly as Seb Sanders and Jamie Spencer are winding down their flat jockeys championship tussle. I await with interest the strike rate for the price gappers over the obstacles and the sometime unsuitable ground conditions. At least I can wave goodbye to those pesky maiden races! Before all this though and we have a small matter of the L’Arc de Triomphe and I really like Authorized and may go in with one of my underpant-changingly big stakes – it’ll all depend on how I feel on the day.

Soldier Fortune under “big ride” man Johnny Murtagh must be factored in, so will it be a place only bet on Authorized, a dutch on the main big boys (remember the betting market in races of this calibre is usually reliable and accurately reflects horses’ chances, probably down to the huge weight of money as opinion) or a chicken out and watch with a pint of Magners and Ice – decisions decisions!


I’ve noticed that The Racing Post’s column (newspaper version) called “BANKERS OR BLOWOUTS” generally mirrors a couple of my price gapper ideas and it’s a great starting point for you to gain more in-depth analysis of any potential price gapper qualifiers. A good little column this one – watch out for it. It can help you decide, and it is the decision making process – making the right call – that is the key to betting success.

Talking of The Racing Post, the new betting site looks to be a huge improvement, and a feature that could be exploited is the MOST BACKED HORSES. I have noted that those with 2000+ bets (obviously well fancied) have won more than they have lost. It is quite obvious that opinion counts in this area and following the crowd in this instance could be a profitable pursuit. I want to find a way to capture this data daily and the only way would seem to be camtasia. I would be interested in finding out how many bets in smaller meetings mid week would constitute a bet worth following – 1000 bets? 600? Check out the betting site for yourself – it’s free and is a valuable resource. Look out for the MOST BACKED HORSES section and you’ll get an idea of what I’m trying to explain in words here.

As Jethro from The Fast Show used to say: “this week I will be mostly be . . .”

Accumulating results for the next newsletter. It was a little rushed last month thanks to broadband problems in the Killarney / County Kerry area. I ask that any of you testers please ensure your test results are updated and sent to me by next newsletter (next Friday) to ensure I can complete results. Incidentally I have just received another email from a reader who made £2,300 (I don’t know what his starting bank was) using the Saver and Safebetplan, as well as making a bit of cash backing the outsider greyhounds – I must admit it is gratifying to receive these emails and know that those who are taking the action are profiting and profiting well, and at least one person is reading the newsletter! – Hooray!

That’s me off now, waiting for the good racing at Newmarket, and The L’Arc de Triomphe meeting which is first class. I await with baited breath the footballmaestro’s bleedin’ obvious football selections for the weekend and am bracing myself for the moment he emails to say he is charging for his tips.

You’ll hear my laughter reverberate across the water rest assured!

I hope you have a great weekend, and thanks for your correspondence this week.

Best regards