Blueprint 7 has arrived on my desk, and devotes itself to profiting from football. Having the football science betting plans, I hope that the selection systems in Blueprint 7 can ensure a profitable future. Again, I will be setting up a footballog so you can follow how I progress with the betting plans and permutations, The Hard To Beat football system and many others. This blog will naturally be intermittent, and updated on Wednesdays and Saturdays and will offer me some valuable insights through hindsight into how to improve the system.

I am currently testing Blackdownracing at . This service may not be suitable to all. The bets are very infrequent , and because of this infrequency, I cannot possibly judge on performance or give a thumbs up. They do provide me with email tips when a bet is on, so I have full access. Judging by previous years, we should expect about 130 bets, with a strike rate of some 65%. : This is one for the form purists. I’ve only just started receiving emails from this site, and the style is very much selection using form and statistical analysis as the title suggests. A recent coup was Valentino swing at 12/1. This style of tipping has, at its source, one eye on value bets, so there will be very few, if any, shorties as I like to call them. The mathematician behind the system obviously know his onions. It remains to be seen if results such as the recent 12/1 winner can be replicated on a regular basis. I have high hopes for this one. : Forget the glossy brigade, this is the kind of transparency I like to see. Results are fully viewable via the website, and I am proofed daily with bets. Again, there is a different feel to this service whose philosophy really is to “bag the biggie” which they did recently with Charlie Fairbairn at 20/1. This has naturally resulted in a very profitable October thus far. There are losing runs (which come with the territory when looking to get the better prices) the most recent being 11, but this was negated by a 12/1 winner on 6th October. Again its early days with this service but at least it’s refreshing to not have to wade through the “1/2 a million in 2 months or we’ll buy you a brand new house” tipsters. :This is daily profit targeted tipping, very much akin to progressive staking. Since beginning my trial on 1st October all targets have been met on a daily basis which is very encouraging. Again, another service for another type of punter who may like more selections more regularly and seek to earn a target profit per race. Early days again, but very encouraging. Prices are not as big as the other mentioned services, BUT the goals are different with this service.

Betbank Alerts from : a slight blip of late with 5 losing bets and 4 winning bets. One of the corner bets kind of broke even with the saver bet on exactly 10 corners obliging. This contrasts with 2 weeks ago, where the service produced 7 winners on the trot. Mr X keep telling us that this service is based upon finding value bets, thus ensuring a long term profit, so I remain hopeful of a return to form quickly. Past experience shows me that he can produce the goods.