Yes, I was at Nelson Mandela House this week talking to my close showbiz pal Derek Trotter. He asked me if I knew any ways to make a lot of money (he didn’t mind if it involved a little dodgyness and he wanted to make sure he could do it without anyone looking over his shoulder).

Well, I told Derek that he should take a look at the horse racing tipping industry. You don’t even have to provide any proper tips of any substance. You must be good at the old smoke and mirrors and feed your customers a load of bull.

I told him “Derek, my son, NOONE checks your past (if it may have been a little dodgy) and NOONE checks any profit claims you make or any of the different ways you can ply your trade”.

“Cushti Cushti” was his quick reply.

“And you know what, Delboy, you can even get people to place bets for you using their money, and they will actually send you the winnings and take all the losses”.

“Beaujolais, beaujolais”.

Now I don’t speak French, but I think he was pleased.

“There’s actually a corrupt jockey who has been proven to fix races for his own benefit who is launching his own tipping service – NOW if HE can do it, DelBoy, you and Rodders can!”

“A bonnet de douche, Rodders!”

Yes, folks, I must admit I was in shock to learn that Dean McKeown was to launch his own “odds to” tipping service.

The same Dean McKeown who “was last month warned off for four years for his role in the betting scam which saw horses trained by Paul Blockley – who yesterday appealed against his own warning off – laid on betting exchanges.

And just nine days ago McKeown, permitted to ride pending an appeal to the British Horseracing Authority, had his jockey’s licence withdrawn after falling foul of racing’s ‘non-trier’ Rule 157 at Southwell.”

Now Derek was a little shocked with this, as was I. But it gave Mr Trotter a degree of confidence that this was a “nice little earner”.

This follows on the back of the exposure of Derek “whoaaa big fella – that’s one for the judge -Tommo ” Thompson’s premium rate tipping line as a shockingly bad tipping service.

I saved this particular thread because it exposed the fact that true results do not need to be disclosed in advertising, and results claimed can be massaged. For instance, one advert mentioned a nice 16/1 winner – all well and good, but when put into the context of the week, punters would have found themselves on the sharp end of tens of losers, predominantly odds on shots.

I don’t want to recount the thread here, suffice to say that we, the punter, are NOT looked after as we would be in any other “industry” (and this is not an industry per se, just a collection of people out to make as much money for themselves as possible -with a handful of good people around – while throwing their integrity out of the window).

Corrupt jockeys, TV pundits who couldn’t tip a waiter – what next? George Bush to change career to become Professor of English Linguistics at Cambridge University? Don’t misunderestimate what I’m saying here!

What does all this mean to you? Well, simple. Take account of the news and make a judgement for yourself. Personally, I don’t think I want to be betting £100 for Dean McKeown, effectively allowing him to bet risk free! I don’t want to be phoning the Tommo tipping line, which, as far back as 2001, had its poor tipping strike rate exposed in the Guardian of all places!

And you should make your own decisions too based on the information given.

It’s not all bad though! You can still make a decent wedge in the betting industry. There are tipsters whose results are transparent and there are workable betting systems via the good old ebooks and it’s my job to try to ensure you are exposed to these.


Another 100% strike rate this week from place backing, and, although you won’t be making thousands per day, you could make a 5 figure sum after a year with simple compounding and an exceptional strike rate. It’s slow, steady, but 2 months on, it’s ticking along nicely.

I am certainly excited by the long term prospects of success – REAL success- with this method of betting / investing.


“Free Binoculars and a damn good system! I have made another £71 this Saturday and £44 on Sunday. To be honest I wasn’t bothered about the free gift, I just wanted something that improves my Betfair balance without high risk exposure. Thanks.”
Chris, Stafford.

To find out what Chris is so excited about click here:



Benjamin “Sesame” Street has released his new betting system, called the easy betting system and I now have a copy. Available at www.easybettingsystem.com, this is a laying system for 4 specific all weather venues and its advantage is that, yes, it is easy.

Having just received this now, I hope to be able to do a little back testing in time for the next newsletter to enable you to see if it is workable or not.

Simple to make selections – all we need now is proof that this one can make money – I’ll try my best to make sure you know if this will profit or not!


Readers of the blog www.soccerbettingmoneymaker.blogspot.com will wonder what this system is. Well it’s a laying system for football in one specific market as long as certain criteria are met. Selections are on the blog and I will update results tomorrow and give you an idea of performance.

My concerns have already been mentioned – laying at up to 7 in a market which does not go in running does not sit well with me. I have no method of managing my bet. Of course, one of these lays winning (i.e. we lose!) must be a great frustration as it will negate 6 or so other bets which were successful!

Laying at 7 or thereabouts necessitates a high strike rate and I’ll be updating as and when qualifying games come up to see if we can guage whether this high strike will be sustained over a season.


Having been impressed with the 3 keys racing laying system (www.threekeyracing.com) I am eternally frustrated by the fact that selections are so few and far between. So not content with waiting days at a time for a full qualifier, I have been using the 3 keys as a foundation for laying horses, and it is proving very successful at present with on average 2 bets a day for me. This is the kind of frequency I want, and none of the lays are ever over 3.5 which is a great lay price.

I have been very happy with results and will share my ideas in the next newsletter.

Selections for me have been easy enough to make and do not take up the kind of time required for form based laying. This is where Frontline Lays gets a negative from me. A superbly written and produced method of laying, I simply don’t have the time or inclination to spend 2+ hours a day form analysing qualifying horse races only to end up with a 50/50 chance of success/failure!

Imagine having spent 2+ hours making your selection using form-based analysis only to find that horse won its race – YELP! From my perspective, certain stats, when focussed on, can give us a short cut. The live market is KEY too, for me as a layer, as is a degree of common sense. 3 miles 3 furlongs in heavy ground is quite obviously a race worth looking at. Add the fact it is a handicap chase (by default competitive!) and we have a common sense recipe for laying success.

Put it this way. Would you be BACKING in this type of race? Surely more can go wrong than right over such a distance and in such ground.

We also have the option ( if we can follow the race) to manage our trade in running. I am reminded of Poquelin recently under Ruby Walsh. His horse was layable at 3.5 given the ground. Now this horse won its race (boo hiss!) BUT touched 50 in running allowing me to get my liability negated and green screen up. As the jazz bloke from the Fast Show would say: “NICE!”


Yes November sees the last newsletter of 2008 because my publisher is off to his Winter retreat Castle Canonbury to await the arrival of Laight Junior.

I’ve got some interesting articles coming up for this last newsletter but I couldn’t manage to persuade my publisher to include a centre spread of Kelly Brook in a tight fitting Santa’s costume (so email him, NOT ME, in protest).

I’ve got some more distinctions to help YOU make place betting selections, a great article on my mug punter acca adventures and how there could be a way in to exploit shockingly low priced footie teams, the usual words of wisdom from the Patriarch and of course, a centre spread of Kelly Brook in a tight Santa costume (I thought we’d talked about that, Clive, I said “NO!” – the publisher).

If you haven’t already signed up for What Really Wins Money you can so here:


I’m off now to bet my own money for Dean McKeown safe in the knowledge I can fully trust this jockey who fixed races. THEN, I’m off to phone the Tommo tipping line – I need some lays today!

Have a great weekend.