Readers have been asking where to start, having been overwhelmed by the wealth of information in the pages of WRWM. Please be patient as I am working on this and will get something to you in the very near future. I am always being delayed by emails and systems reviews so I must apologise. May I suggest re reading the compounding articles, and the HTB article, and the articles on laying if you want to get started without procrastinating. You can download them here: .My suggestion would be to paper trade initially or you may wish to follow my solid bets on my weblog http:// . They are shorties alas, but 4 days of consistent profit to 10% of bank win stakes and 1.25% each way stakes (2.5% total) on SOLID BETS ONLY ain’t all bad. With these SOLID BETS I seek to find really rock solid bets, whose chances, alas are reflected in the prices, for consistent profit. Other articles will include in running clarification for football. Apologies to any one whose emails I inadvertently missed after I wiped off my hard drive. I am striving to return to normal service sharpish!