How to Create a Risk-Free Bet AND Still Collect The Bookmaker’s Bonus

I’ve glossed over this great little trick before, but here’s a way for you to turn your bookmaker bonuses into free cash.

Because the industry is so competitive, bookmakers do offer generous bonuses for signing up with them, bonuses which are generally only functioned after a certain amount is first wagered.

You may be thinking, so I have to wager a certain stake amount in order to activate my bonus. What if I lose? Yes I’ll still get my bonus but I’ll still be out of pocket.

Why not create a risk free bet and then still collect your bookmaker bonus.

Use your qualifying stake to back a certain horse. Lay the same horse on Betfair. Win or lose you will be back on parity and your bookmaker bonus will have been activated.

This can also be applied to new Betfair account free bets. Lay the bet on Betfair and back the same horse with a bookmaker at similar odds. Either way you win, and more importantly, you have met the terms and conditions to activate your free bonus.

This is a skin and bones example of what’s available in the risk free betting world. Want to find out more? This is a very exciting area and I will be returning to it again in the September issue as well as the eletter with tester results. If you haven’t signed up to the free eletter yet, go now to