Are there any profitable Financial Fixed Odds tipsters out there?

Yes there are! More fixed odds financial tipsters are emerging, all hoping to ride the wave of this new form of betting. So who’s in the market and are they any good?

1. Matt Shaw’s Fixed Odds Trader from Fleet Street Publications Ltd: Already familiar to readers of WRWM from our previous excursion into this field, how has this service been performing recently? Matt Shaw seems to be treading water at present. After a very rough patch, he has clawed back with a string of wins. The potential % profits are in stark contrast to my relatively small and risk free 3-7 % returns: his are more 23%-64%, though his strike rate is much reduced. The profit as it stood at the beginning of the year is roughly similar to how he stands as of 4th April 2006, albeit with a couple of bets awaiting settlement. Should some of these 30%+ bets come in, then results will pick up considerably.

Fixed Odds Trader can absorb a few losses, but 6 losses and 11 winners have left us pretty much “as is”.

The price is £495 a year. To subscribe go to Or call Mark Rose at FSP Ltd on 020-7633-3732. His email address is

2.      Jack Milton’s Marketbet Profits: I have received some rather unfavourable feedback regarding Jack Milton, and at this juncture would like to ask readers for their experiences to verify our initial feedback. Jack Milton’s service is available from Streetwise Publications. Streetwise Publications, Eden House, Genesis Park, Sheffield Road, Rotherham, S60 1DX, United Kingdom. Telephone 01709 820033 or email

3.      Market Excellence: This service was tipped by a reader who has experienced good returns and a 100% strike rate! But before we get carried away, you must gain an element of perspective. Market Excellence look for bets similar to the ones I’m targeting, with a relatively secure return of 3-9%. One loser therefore can undo a lot of previous winners, so it is quite important that an “as close to” 100% strike rate is secured.

Market Excellence have been profiting regularly now over the last year and experienced a recent loss which broke the impressive 100% record.

The Service: I receive my tips via email, with welcome analysis behind the bets and a constant reminder that the watchwords of patience and discipline are the key to success. With frequent bets during the week, sometimes daily, some as high as 7 and 10%, this service offers something a little different. I like the frequency of the bets and the additional commentary which accompanies it, providing important advice if you cannot get your bets matched, or reasoning behind a no bet on any particular day. Typical bet length is 9 days which ensures a good turnaround of profit.

Recent figures for one of the team shows a nominal betting bank has increased from £1000 on Jan 1st 2006 to £1547 by 15th March 2006. The trading records of another of the tipsters in the team, Martin Corkish, have also profited consecutively since inception in March 2004, and have been very impressive with a compounding of profits money management system.

With a strict rule not to risk more than 10% of your bank on any one bet, and highly selective placing of bets, the recent loss on the Gold Barrier range bet (which lost 5% of the bank), has been, and will be more than offset by the frequency of future bets, and consistent strike rate.

I have a good feeling about this service (and yes I did have initial enthusiasm regarding Matt Shaw) and monthly monitoring will hopefully back my initial instincts.

Market Excellence deal predominantly with barrier range and no touch bets – the same bets I have chosen as well as the most profitable and easily executable. If you want to place the bets yourself, using my simplified strategy, then great. If you want a team of consistent performers, then Market Excellence may be the guys for you. One caveat – a betting bank of £800 is recommended to make the service pay and to reach our break-even point where subscription fees have been paid for by the winnings.

The advantage over horse racing tipsters is immediately identifiable. No ludicrous over night riches, no 300% strike rate and a zillion pounds a week -guaranteed – only a bet that either profits or it doesn’t.

Available at, these guys are well worth checking out if you don’t have the confidence to go it alone. Starting at £89 for a 3-month trial, this represents great value.