There have been a couple of standout examples of football sequencing where we place outr bets based solely on previous recent patterns.

Let’s take Celtic recently who drew their 2 games prior to meeting Falkirk at home. Surely this must end if they are to be serious contenders  for the title?

Obviously it did with a comprehensive 4-0 victory

Look at Portsmouth at home yesterday. They have actually drawn 3 previous home games 0-0 – what is the probibility of that becoming 4 on the trot?
Well it was broken yesterday with a 1-0 defeat to Spurs.

These bets are really based on probability. ie it becoming increasingly unlikely that the previous pattern will continue.

A horse racing example is multiple handicap winners. Here we have a pattern where the horse’s weight will increase with every consecutive win, and a race where the horse doesn’t win will arrive surely.