(Will be updated when MORE results are accumulated.)

 Results available for inspection at the websites:


 Last results update was 21 December. Again a highly selective service:


  A poor show from the people behind this service. Nothing whatsoever done as regards the website. Another discernible service and a strategy I personally find appealing. As hinted at in November I use the “three keys” mentioned as a foundation to find potential lays for the day.


 A 28-day free trial for Paul Ruffy’s service is welcome. A profitable 2008 if followed from January to December. Saw some negative months, March 2008 in  particular. Three profitable years s far. The key to success here? Take a long-term view.


 Site for sale. A lot of changes since I last updated and along with www.betplanner.co.uk will no longer be factored into this update.


 A website whose free membership is well worth the cost, erm, free! The free aspects to the site do justify a look. Naturally, there are restrictions regarding what can be read in the forums, but the free information is enough to warrant a visit.

 A lot of defunct websites means I want to maintain my focus now on tipster sites, which I believe will be around for a long time (and preferably those that disclose their results).

 Target Profit Per Day Systems And Derivatives Thereof


 A large betting bank will ensure you profit with this system. It has been consistent but if you’ve read past WRWMs you will know the potential pitfalls.


 Still likely to replicate profits of 2009. Like the Sir Racing System, it is reliant on the performance of favourites in certain races. It’s simple to operate. nine points maximum exposure per day (so when inspecting results on the site, any losing days cost you 9 points). Less worrisome than the Sir Racing System given the limit on betting on odds on shots. Definite potential to profit this coming year.

 John Goldsmith’s betting system (mail only I believe) is another favourite-based system I am keen to monitor for this new year. Part of his golden systems package, one strategy looks to operate on a target profit per day basis with the target profit per day being 1% of the betting bank. A realistic target – it only remains to be seen whether the performance of unnamed favourites in certain races can ensure this target is consistently hit. More to follow.

Laying systems


 A profitable 2008 augurs well for this low key laying service from Brian Morgan. I hope Brian can replicate his performance for 2009. For a full and comprehensive list of 2008 results, please email Brian at briantmorgan@btinternet.com.

 Benjamin Street’s Easymoneybettingsystem is a new system. I am always wary, I must admit, with these multiple eBook writer systems and their longevity – but I will give it a go – see www.easymoneybettingsystem.com . This system looks to lay specific favourites in specific races at Four specific all weather venues. One of these venues is Great Leighs which, it would seem, has been hit by the credit crunch. Does this make this 20 system obsolete?

 Free trials

 Another look at sites offering a free trial.


 Pro Tips ended October +24.66 to advised stakes and + 9.77 to level stakes, whilst November currently stands at -48.73 and -6.21.

From the same guys comes

What To Lay


 What To Lay ended October +14.25 at level stakes and +26.89 to staking plan.

 A 15-day trial is on offer here for this lay service which has been consistently profitable. +5.9 points profit to date is encouraging.


Again offering a 30-day free trial. It is encouraging to see this length of time as a free trial employed, as it does give you a chance to taste the service before ordering! Results are available for inspection on the site so you can determine whether MDL’s betting strategy suits your needs. Add to these sites www.betting4profits.co.uk run by Paul Waddington. Paul offers a 14 day trial. The service covers football, darts, snooker and golf. Again, with a free trial, you can dip your toe in risk free.

http://www.sportstipsters.co.uk/betting4profits.php  will provide you with an update of results. 

A nice 22/1 winner in the golf recently has really stood out this month. The hope is that with the inclusion of golf bets, similar priced winners can occur in the future.


I am sure you are already aware of using free bookmaker bets in tandem with the betting exchanges. This site seems to be a great resource in placing all of the relevant bookmaker free incentive bets along with tutorials in the one place.


I have one note of caution though. If you register on this site, it asks you to add a security question and that security question’s answer. Now it is my contention that people will automatically use a standardised security question which may have some relevance to their bank accounts for example. So I bring this to your attention. If you do register here then use a security question which has no relevance to any other important area.

All in all, a very interesting website AND THE PRICE IS RIGHT!

Football tipsters

The two football tipsters I am monitoring are 3 months away from us getting an idea of performance on a season-long basis .You can inspect performance to date from “the Oracle” at http://www.footballbets.co.uk/football-results.php

A new service http://www.premiershippreview.co.uk has just been launched and offers in-depth stats on specificpremiership games. This service focuses on live games as shown on Sky or Setanta.

Here are some of the bets provided: West Ham v Fulham – 1pt under 3 goals 4/5 Coral – result loss

Tottenham v Portsmouth – 1pt Under 2.5 goals 9/10 B365 and Betfair – result – win

Hull v Arsenal – 1pt Over 2.5 goals 22/25 (1.88)with Ladbrokes – result win

Man Utd v Chelsea – 2pts Manchester United and Chelsea to draw, 9/4 Ladbrokes or Totesport – result lose Stoke v Liverpool – 1pt Under 2.5 goals Evens with StanJames and VC – result win

The emails provided are detailed and cover such areas as head to heads, current form, team news, top scorers and unique elements such as the Oracle’s Match Prices, and analysis which covers the match itself, likely goals and likely goalscorers.

I must admit that I personally prefer this Premiership service to the Oracle’s Football Bets service. I prefer betting on what I know best (the Premiership).

It’s early days with the Premiership service, the emails are interesting and informative and the above bets are the recommended bets only. There are also other opinions within the body copy of the emails. I hope this service will profit – it will need a good strike rate if the odds are to remain predominantly odds-on.

The football maestro service is better judged after the season finish.



For those who can follow the live market, this system still performs. I’ll repeat that it is pretty much the 16/1 system devoted to handicaps (albeitwith a specific selection strategy – see www.canonburypublishing.com/16to1). A quick look at the website and it would seem that Martin Blakey has launched a tipping service to accompany the Trading Plan. In the first instance, I wondered how this would work logistically – as we know we need to follow the live betting market. I therefore emailed Martin Blakey and was told that he made his selections using mid morning/early afternoon betting markets. I then asked for a list of recent results since launch.

These are the results since the trading plan subscription service started on Tuesday 13 Jan.


won 11-4

won 4-1

won 7-2

2nd 9-2

2nd 14-1

4 lost

Now it is obvious that the prices are relatively small in comparison to the prices I quoted in a recent eletter for one day’s selections. Why is this? Well, this service is using early afternoon prices as mentioned above. Still this is a very reasonable start and market movers are a proven method of finding winners. This service, as a sister to the Trading Secrets Plan, focuses on handicap races only – which are Mr Blakey’s forte.

As with a number of services this past month, Martin Blakey’s www.pro-info.co.uk tipping service has suffered from the inclement weather and the accompanying abandonments. Still, for me, this is a tipster to trust. Again, results are available for inspection on the website:


I now have my hands on this golden key method and its accompanying Value Finder system and am keen to trial them, having received some initial positive feedback from an early tester. It has profited daily during his initial trial but this tester did have some reservations in other areas. More to follow.

The NH Super Trend Spotter from MD Professional Sports Betting

The last system from MD was the Winning Formula which became embarrassingly bad. The NH Super Trend Spotter boasts some exceptional results (although I am yet to trial the system in the real world and cannot verify these results as yet).

A 35 point profit in December 2008 certainly merits consideration from me. This is a really simple system and focuses on handicap chases and handicap hurdle races only.

As a direct contrast to my high strike rate, low odds idea, this system is a big price, low strike rate system.

As said previously, the results provided for the Winning Formula were as impressive as the results provided for this system. Therefore I will only be satisfied with personal selections and my own results which will begin now.

What I like about this system is that the results can be back checked thanks to my Racing Post mountain (which is not a tourist attraction!!) I have done some random checking and it all checks out thus far.

Systems and Tipsters to Monitor


A service offered by Nigel Hallam, a regular correspondent whose blog has been a springboard for his successful betting strategies:


In the early throws, I expect this service to continue the success of the blogs and I will be monitoring it closely. Please feel free to inspect the blog – it’s a very interesting read and Nigel has some unique and profitable strategies. I look forward to reporting back in future issues.

I am monitoring a few other systems based around backing and am mindful that more laying systems need monitoring.


Another system from http://www.sportsworldpublishing.co.uk/booster.h tm– this is not worth following. In my opinion this is another Sportsworld Publishing DUD!


Continues to be profitable with the proviso that  the place-only market is the market to focus on.

To remind you, this strategy uses accumulator staking (see last month’s newsletter to save merepeating myself). Two losing days thus far if accumulator betting… BUT consistent daily profits over a concerted period never-the-less

NOTE: You must be in a position to follow the live betting market. The system has been adapted for focus only on the place-only market, but the strategy is generally a sound one. Experience, as hinted at with Bernard Sleeman, is key to be honest – so that you can determine whether certain horses are worth  leaving alone. The jumps are in full swing now – will the obstacles hinder performance?

I need a bit more personal focus with this sectionwhich is why I intend to look at four to five backing systems, four to five laying systems, four to five tipsters, and four to five miscellaneous services to include football and personal/others ideas. With this focus I can quickly get rid of the dross.

It has been disappointing to note the number of defunct sites… but that is telling in itself isn’t it? With this in mind, I must really focus on tipsters and systems which have perceived