Surprise Surprise

No, I haven’t turned into Cilla, but I did have a nice surprise to start the week as I received a belated birthday present from a reader, Brian from www.quietachievers.co.uk, in the form of an officially authenticated Kelly Brook signed photograph.

Now that’s what I call a birthday present, although I suppose posting the real version would have broken some health and safety regulations somewhere – DAMN NANNY STATE!!

So, Brian, this is a personal big thank you – now that is the kind of feedback I like to receive. Speaking of feedback, as Delia Smith would say, “let’s be having you!”

** Handicap Gold Triallists In Bermuda Triangle Mystery

I asked last weekend for handicap gold triallists to provide me with some feedback (in return for them receiving a month’s trial) and I think I got one email back.

PLEASE would those who consented to join the trial provide me with some feedback -that’s the whole point of a trial. It will take you a minute or so just to give your initial impressions, and perhaps your suggestions.

The hope is that your feedback will produce even better ratings. Results are available to inspect at www.handicapgold.co.uk but I want to receive practical
feedback. Any perceived problems in the real betting world? Perhaps you’d like a better format?

** New Products And Knee Jerk Reactions

Betfairhorse Power – my knee jerk reaction

Having just received this eBook, here’s my initial reactions, and note I have not put it into consistent action.

Yes, folks, another affiliate marketing campaign gets under way pushing this eBook as if it was the best thing since sliced bread. The usual marketing guff at http://www.betfairhorsepower.com and a hint this was hastily put together thanks to the numerous spelling mistakes (you can tell my Mum was a teacher can’t you!)

This is effectively laying all selections in the same race and hoping you get matched. And that would seem to be it, on first reading. So how on earth is he getting returns of £200+ per day – what betting bank is he using?

One can’t help but NOT take these screenshots seriously anymore as previous websites have doctored their screenshots to suit claims, so we cannot really believe these screenshots as absolute proof the system works.

The idea of laying all selections in a race is not a new one, and certainly not worthy of you actually purchasing an eBook solely devoted to it. In fact, one reader has formulated this strategy himself, and I use a variation myself using fairbot, where, as a backer, you would look to BACK all horses using the lay prices (thus creating an underround if all bets match). As a LAYER you would look to LAY ALL HORSES at their BACK prices and thus ensure a guaranteed, albeit small, profit if your bets are matched. AND THEREIN LIES A SMALL PROBLEM. What if just one bet is not matched? We are then entering the territory of gambling and not creating our own “arbitrage” UNDERROUND bet?

I’ll be honest with you, and this is just a kneejerk reaction, this is nothing new whatsoever and is hardly the “once-in-a-lifetime-chance” to change your life blah blah blah.

You also need specialist software to use this system. Remember this is just a kneejerk reaction and I will trial this system to small stakes using the software he recommends and see if I can make £735 a day (although instinct tells me I cannot!)

I just wanted to make you aware of it.

****** Publisher’s Recommendation ******

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** Others In Focus

The O’Neil Formula

I have collated recent results and it does bang in the winners consistently. As to the 100% method of success, well, even in my small trial, I did not get the 100% return promised. If you are peddling something that guarantees 100% strike rate, you had better be ultra sure otherwise this is just a LIE!

This is another follow the favs system but uses Fibonacci numbers in a way I sussed out myself. I will try to compare this to my Fibonacci method of following the favourites and see which is better.

Has distinct promise at present BUT the eBook is very poor regarding staking, just offering suggestions rather than anything concrete. More to follow in the newsletter on this.

** Virtual Insanity

No I haven’t started wearing silly hats and dancing like I’ve got a ferret in my underpants, the Virtual Racing Loophole, has, almost inevitably, produced 2 wipe out days AS LOSS RETRIEVAL SYSTEMS ALWAYS DO – EVENTUALLY!

It met all the criteria – tons of positive testimonials during the good times, plenty of profitable days, but wipe outs have not helped profits.

I keep saying it – you must enter into loss retrieval with full knowledge of the WORSE CASE SCENARIO. IF you don’t like the potential losses on any given day, don’t play.

The above are the 3 main systems in focus. I am looking at more, especially the http://www.thebetdoctor.co.uk/the-winners-circle/ greyhound system. The dogs don’t produce many system sellers so anything released needs a look at.

It seems to me, though, that this package is far too thorough for a game where 6 dogs run round a bend. It seems TOO involved to me and, although I will attempt to try this system out (it may require live monitoring) I don’t really want to do reams of work for what I perceive to be a sport which is very much a lottery at the mundane BAGS level.

Any dogs lovers out there want to provide feedback, then please get in touch and test this with me?

I’ve already got testers for the tennis system Bookie Robbery and will be seeking to try it out myself over Wimbledon while watching Andy Murray crush all before him!

To recap, this was a different take on tennis with the major focus on the spreadbetting markets. There is also a betfair version of this system, and it will be interesting to see if there is anything to salvage with this system.

** Smoke And Mirrors

For me, the key to my success is to bag a winner and leave alone. This seems to make sense from a practical perspective and a betting bank perspective. Day 2 at Ascot saw early winners in Ouqba at 12/1 and Spacious at 10/1. Well, that’s good enough for me.

Something for you to think about perhaps?

** Newsletter On Its Way

The last newsletter before the break will be on its way to you in the coming weeks.

Plenty to discuss including more in-depth analysis of the above betting systems and the usual features.

I’m off now to place the signed Kelly Brook photo in a picture frame so I can wake up next to her every morning……NICE!

Have a great weekend

Clive Keeling