Another financial collapse closer to home…

Remember Autolays – the progressive staking laying service? Well this week he hit his 5 in a row. In other words, the 5 horses that were chosen to lay to lose on a ‘stop at a winner’ basis all went on to win their races.

Customers paying a ridiculous £200 per month have just lost everything. Mr Henderson, the man behind the site, has suddenly gone quieter than a man in a bush with binoculars who has just spotted Kelly Brook topless.

He has not updated results BUT has walked away with a nice wedge of cash. At £200 per month – nice risk free profit – BUT NOT FOR CUSTOMERS  – and do you know what! After this collapse, I actually received an email telling me about Autolays on the 14th October!

It makes me sick!

With any new offers, make sure you take a simple step back, read the website copy, do the maths, and look for evidence. Remember: question question question.

Don’t worry, there are some very honest folk amongst all the dross you’ll be glad to hear and I try my best to bring these people to your attention.

Enough of this talk, I’m getting as depressed as a Smiths Fan whose just been on a 24 hour sponsored Smiths Listenathon.


It is always great when a reader takes one of my ideas on board and runs with it. So is the case with Keith Pitts, who has taken the out of kilter idea I had and formulated his own strategy.

If I shared the last 4 days results with you, you wouldn’t believe me – they have been that good!

Now I’m experienced enough to know that this might just be an anomalous set of results, but Keith will be monitoring in the coming week and I hope to report back in next week’s eletter about any progress made and whether this idea that Keith has taken and made his own will continue to return good odds winners daily.

Another reader is keeping me abreast of his dutching method. Again a system produced by him for him. No ebooks, no websites, but a very interesting methodology using techniques that are already out there.


The advantage of the live market is quite clear to me when I consider place only selections. Out of necessity, I must come up with a selection on the blog, but the real ideal for success is in following the live Betfair market. As to the compounding experiment on the blog? Well I update it in the next newsletter and it’s working present, but I am reminded that the loss retrieval aspect is still risky (ask Autolays customers!)

I will continue though with loss retrieval in this case as I always find a winning bet after a loser.


A profitable week again with the Trading Plan won 11-2 won 6-1 won 6-1 won11-4 3rd 11-2 2nd 6-1 2nd 9-1 2nd 4-1 3rd 7-2 2nd 9-2 2nd 7-2 2nd 3-1 3rd 7-2 5 lost.

As to the use of Betfair mentioned before, Martin Blakey has this to say:

“I think Betfair is a big positive when comparing the on course price as it really does help eliminate those horses that are short on course but do not really have any money behind them. I have noticed quite a few in the 6-1 to 8-1 bracket that are trading as big as 10-1 on Betfair which is a very good indication that there on course price is not as strong as it looks. I will continue to send out any updates for the plan as which I feel can improve the strike rate and eliminate any weak qualifiers.”

A lot of placed bets this week but a general return, slight loss if each way betting is employed on those priced 4/1 or lower.

By the way the 16/1 system was doing the business yesterday with Deeply Squeeze in the 520 Ludlow winning at 8/1.

Take a look here:


Thanks must go to all testers. Selections have been randomly made for this unique betting service, so expect something soon.

All other testers’ email addresses I will keep safe and sound should any opportunities rise in the near future.

Nice winner with Moscow Catch winning by 6 lengths for the insider info testers. I hope from the emails testers of this are receiving that a different perspective is being employed to betting – that is to try and secure a profit BEFORE THE RACE HAS EVEN BEEN RUN by trading on Betfair.

I am excited by this and hope the volume of information can increase into the following weeks (been very quiet this week).

The Premiership returns this weekend which is welcome. Again, I will write my usual tuppence worth on the soccer blog: http://soccerbettingmoneymaker.blogspot.com/

The last 2 entries have been 100% successful – now I’ve told you of course the curse of the bragger will kick in and it’ll all go pear shaped.

Right, I’m off now to listen to some Radiohead, Leonard Cohen and Smiths songs to cheer me up.

Have a great weekend!