I’ve come up with a little system which I’ve been tracking since the beginning of the year and requires absolutely no knowledge of horse form whatsoever. And since year start, I was quite delighted to see that we are actually profiting well when analysing the results using Fasttrackplans. So what’s involved? Well, suffice to say, you won’t need Carol Vorderman’s phone number for this selection system!

Simply do this….
Look for the shortest betting forecast favourite at each meeting – and those are your selections. “So”, you ask, “what’s the selection from the above race card at Newbury?” If you said Regal Flush at 11/10 in the 210, then you’d be spot on. Simply do this with every other race card on the day.

If 2 horses in a single race card share the same short price, then select the horse whose price gap to the 2nd favourite is the biggest.

And it’s job done!
I know there’ll be grumblings about these short prices, but with simplicity will inevitably come the shorties.

These are results since the 1st Feb 2008 and again the pocket staking plan from fasttrackplans comes to our aid (please refer to recent WRWM’s for a fuller explanation of this staking plan). Level stakes betting is just above water and yet again the main culprit is odds on selections that have wiped out a massive 17 points! As I said it’s unexciting and I’m loathe to dismiss odds on selections. I will monitor with the pocket-staking plan, whose biggest stake was £40 to £1,000 betting bank – again an ideal scenario.

Who knows whether this simple system has long term legs? I just thought it would be interesting to share with you nearly 4 months of collected results – not helped by the odd jockey error such as Sam Thomas on Oumeyade recently when he took the wrong course!

Bottom line
I would look on this as another potential ‘investment type’ system to add to your arsenal.