Football Update

In an occasional series, Karl Dennis has taken us through his football season, with specific focus on the lower leagues and the dream of bagging some serious moolah! So how has he got on?

Over to Karl…  At the end of the day we have had a pretty good run for our money and have been able to keep involved right to the end of the season. Next month I’ll do a full review of all our selections and where things went right and where they went wrong. Wolves have now won the Championship, thus allowing us to break even on our bets in that particular league.

Swansea have done well and although we will lose on the bet we have had a great run for our money at 50/1.  I’m already looking forward to next season in this division where I believe West Brom will be certainties to bounce back. They are a highly talented side that play really good football and I am a little surprised that they are going to be relegated.
Stockport would probably have gone close in League One but for hitting financial difficulties but we have to write off six points here.

In League Two it’s going all the way to the wire and it would be fantastic if Exeter were to win the division. I suspect they will fall just short but we look as if we’ll collect on the 9/1 for automatic promotion.  All other teams are still in with a shout in this division and it’s an exciting finish for us. A profit here looks virtually guaranteed. Next season we will have a small involvement in non-league football as well. I was tempted to put Burton up this year to win the conference and I have watched as they have thrown away a 19 point lead and now go down to the last game of the season needing a point or at the worst holding on to their goal advantage over Cambridge.

Money talks in non-league football and big investment in both Gateshead and Bradford Park Avenue will make them both teams to watch very closely when it all kicks off again.
Current bets:
Championship Swansea 1pt to win at 50/1

and 1pt promotion at 16/1

Bristol City 1pt win at 25/1

and 1pt promotion at 8/1

Ipswich 1pt win at 20/1 and

1pt promotion at 7/1

Wolves 4 pts win at 6/4

League One Stockport 1pt win at 66/1 and

1pt promotion at 16/1

Brighton 1pt win at 20/1 and

1pt promotion at 13/2

Southend 1pt win at 16/1 and

1pt promotion at 6/1

League Two Exeter 1pt win at 40/1 and 1pt

promotion at 9/1

Rochdale 1pt win at 11/1

Shrewsbury 1pt win at 13/2

Wycombe 4pts win at 15/8
Thanks to Karl for a most interesting look at lower league football. From my point of view, as a Wolves fan, I am looking forward to next season when we will break the stranglehold of the big four, qualify for the Champions League thereafter, and beat Barcelona 4-0 in the Champions League final two years hence!  At the bigger prices, it’s always worth a flutter on outright League outcomes outside, perhaps, the Premiership and the Championship where things are a little more cut and dried.