There are many strategies we can use to attack the bookmakers this football season. So which area suits your betting personality? The bookmakers and betting exchanges offer such a huge variety of bets in every area of football that it is worth looking at these betting opportunities.

Of course the “experts” have released their own systems/tipster services which, of course, all promise to make us rich. Which of these strategies is worth following and which ones are worth a red card? I will be focussing on backing systems, laying systems, trading methods and spreadsheets which help with permutations.


With the myriad of markets offered by bookmakers and betting exchanges, we can back virtually any outcome in a football match. Be it number of goals scored, traditional winner in match odds market, goalscorer, correct score, corners, who’ll score next, etc etc.

We can also bet in running with traditional bookmakers and with the betting exchanges. This form of betting really comes into its own on and is something which deserves a section of its own. So let’s begin with some of the most prominent backing systems which you will most likely have heard of via mail shots or those lovely (God Bless ‘em!) affiliate emailers.

“At Last – A Sure Fire Way to Secure Football Betting Profits With Minimal Risk. Learn the exact Secrets I use to win more than £100,000 Tax Free Every Year betting on Fixed Odds Football.”

At least that’s what the website headline exclaims… £100,000 tax-free EVERY YEAR betting on fixed odds football! I am not too sure about these returns. The stakes will have to be quite large and winnings regular to ensure we get a 6 figure return. So what’s involved?

The Football Cash Builder is a treble whose odds are the equivalent of evens or thereabouts. The author tells us that these bets win 7 out of every 9 times so profits are theoretically high.

If one of the trebles loses, we look to retrieve our lost stake with the next bet (in a cycle of 3 bets only).

I will be following this system via the blog for the duration of the season and if the profits are as advertised, after the end of this current season WRWM will be written from my Caribbean condo! After the first weekend of football, I lost my first treble thanks to Brazil’s inability to win in 90 minutes in the Olympics, but Sunday’s evens treble came in very nicely. Time will show if 6 figures are achievable. I would suspect again that performance will differ between people as there are many teams we can select from in a given weekend – my 3 fancies will differ from someone else’s.

Bottom line: A very interesting system reminiscent of the Compiler Systems Ultra Shortie Backing System but involving trebles rather than single bets. The contention that £100,000 can be made is a little far fetched I would say and the stats given to support this method (90% strike rate etc) have an element of the ‘urban myth’ about them. Follow progress on the blog and see if that Caribbean condo will be within my reach.

The BLUEPRINT 7 manual on sale here (£47) focusses on profiting from the fixed odds coupon available at the bookmakers. The manual advises that we start with at least 7 games of the current football season played to ensure there is a foundation of form available. The manual contains:

• Formulae for selecting the teams to bet. This is based on games played and goals scored for and against.

• The ability to maximise profits through permutations (which The Patriarch will focus on) I found the manual extremely exhausting to read and unduly complex in parts. That said, any perm aficionado would find a lot of useful material within the manual. Again (if my brain hasn’t exploded after the 2nd read) I will attempt some of the perms and strategies and report back via the blog.

Naturally there has been a big recent push for this system prior to the beginning of the Premiership Football season. Yes, the system may well have profited in the last few years, and indeed I followed it last season and it profited well. BUT is it as simple as advertised and are there any hidden surprises once implemented in the real world? How can you start with just 10p stakes and make a 4-figure sum or even the £44K quoted in the 2001- 2002 season?

The answer is simple – doubling up after a losing bet. E.g. 10p stakes 1st bet – loses. 20p stakes 2nd bet – loses. 40p 3rd bet – loses. 80 p 4th bet – loses. £1.60 5th bet – wins. Revert back to 10p.

With these types of systems, I would recommend you do a worse case scenario calculation before you start. This is of course the very worst that can happen if one team goes on an anomalous run which was unexpected.

A current Premiership season has 38 games; so let’s double up over 38 games should the highly unlikely occur:

BET 1 10p BET 2 20p

BET 3 40p BET 4 80p

BET 5 £1.60 BET 6 £3.20

BET 7 £6.40 BET 8 £12.80

BET 8 £25.60 BET 9 £51.20

BET 10 £102.40 BET 11 £204.80

BET 12 £409.60 BET 13 £819.20

BET 14 £1638.40 BET 15 £3276.80

BET 16 £6553.60 BET 17 £13107.20

I have only got to Bet 17 and things are looking a bit silly stakes wise!

If a team goes through the season without having reached the outcome we require we’d be looking at a bet in the tens of millions of pounds by Bet 38! YIKES! Now you can see how the £44,000 profit in 2001 – 2002 came about – it required large stakes which perhaps were out of the grasp of the average punter.

Last year the system worked like clockwork despite stakes reaching £819.20 for Reading before the result we required came about. Of course, in the world of “ifs”, if Reading had continued their run without producing the result we required, 4 more bets would have required a £13K+ stake (and that doesn’t account for stakes already put down!)

Bottom line: If you are aware of the risks inherent with doubling up there is a chance this system will profit again BUT we don’t know how the promoted teams in the Premiership will perform, or, indeed, if the top 4 will put a run together which will jeopardise The Simplex System. As I write Stoke look to be in big trouble.

The need, then, is for a betting bank robust enough to place stakes after Bet 12 onwards and this may require stakes far in excess of that available to the average punter.

This is a site run by Daniel Soulsby who markets himself as an ex bookie/odds compiler. The Compiler Systems package is 5 ebooks and 2 bonuses all dedicated to football. Here’s a quick synopsis of what’s on offer from a couple of the ebooks (I cannot of course express the profit potential but will use the football blog at to keep track of results as they happen in this new season)