On Monday, I make my bi annual pilgrimage to Guernsey to pay tribute to one of the finest Premiership footballers to grace our football pitches in the 1990’s, yes Matt Le Tissier, Guernsey’s finest son.

I shall be visiting Vale Rec, where he first started and honour his old school at Le Mare De Carteret (I thought you were going home for Christmas, Clive – the ed)

Yes, the Editor has rumbled me. I am returning to Guernsey on Monday for 3 weeks to spend Christmas with my family and partake in a drink or 2 with friends as well as wait for the arrival of my new nephew. His father is my brother, a tattooed rock god (ish) and mother is as Welsh as Birley Shassey the very Welsh singer, so I expect a choir singing, guitar solo playing, prop forward with cauliflower ears!

In these 3 weeks it will, of course, be difficult to keep track of all I want to keep track of, but I want to, at least, keep the blogs going, having gained more momentum this week with another clean sweep in my one a dayers.

In fact, on the compounding front, I have nearly doubled my betting bank which is superb, given the small daily targets, but it just goes to show that if you chip away day after day after day on a consistent and disciplined basis, then the compounding will take care of profit growth. This is very much a long-term project, compounding 1.43% per day but another 100% week on top of a 100% week last week ensures that it’s all plain sailing at the moment.

With a new year upon us, it would be the ideal time for you to follow suit and use this compounding as one slow burner vehicle in your armoury.

Publisher’s Recommendation

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I made enough money in a few months to quit my well paid but boring job. Seriously, if I can do it, anyone can. Let me show you how – risk free!

Full details here:

Systems Update

As to systems this week, I’ve started doing The Sharp End System and backtracked to November 1st.

First impressions? Well, this is simplicity itself to be honest and only requires a copy of The Racing Post. The selections are found with ease and there is no doubting when there is a qualifying bet.

There is a degree of ambiguity with one of the selection criteria which I am waiting for Bernard Hibbert to clarify for me.

After helping a reader interpret the rules, it is obvious that the manual could have done with some scanned pages of The Racing Post newspaper to actually show us in pictures the process of making selections, where to look for the information and so forth.

Still, a £1,000 paper trading betting bank stands at £1398 employing 10% staking – as the betting bank increases, stakes increase. There have been 2 close calls by a neck and a short head which would have increased the profits of course.

The key with this system must be the strike rate as the odds are generally very short. Sharp End does, though, tend to find those horses who are, coincidentally, favoured in the live market.

I would advise you holding off purchase at present until I have done December and January – I will do a fuller report in the newsletter in January, by which time we will have nearly 3 months of data and a better idea of the system’s potential.

Early signs – I like it as it gives us the ability to make selections as soon as a newspaper copy of the Racing Post becomes available

Project Betfair

From the desk of the mighty Brookes comes another masterpiece of betting manualship (is there such a word?).

I have a copy of this laying system now from he- who -we- must -stare- at -in -wonderment, and having read said manual, find a laying system which is logical in its thinking, focusing on specific races and stats regarding certain horses, and building evidence for us to lay based on those criteria.

I have not begun to put it into practice and did ask for a set of previous results, but they have not been forthcoming as yet. As I said to Mr Brookes in an email, this, for me, is nothing new at all and is something I have covered, for free, in an article for a newsletter in the past. My thought processes regarding selections mirrored Mr Brookes but I approached things from a different perspective.

Still, I look forward to trialling this system which comes with the standardised web templated marketing copy which should really not be taken too seriously at all

Those of you related to Miss Marple, Bergerac, Columbo, Angela Lansbury, Inspector Burnside, et all should go to the website at http://www.thebfproject.com/special.html# and look at the screen shots – they will tell you which race types Mr Brookes’ system focuses on! And no, I’m not giving away the secrets – this is freely viewable information!

Of course the footy systems are always there at www.soccerbettingmoneymaker.blogspot.com which I will be updating tomorrow as per usual.

Munce Pies anyone?

I have received a lot of emails from readers regarding a glossy brochure from one Chris Munce advocating you join his service and an, ahem, greatly reduced rate.
The brochure, for me, is standardised and formulaic and is the usual persuasive copy enticing you in.

You are even invited to meet Mr Munce in person at his Pall Mall offices (but alas they will not answer the phone or be there in person as it is an accommodation address).

Again, there is too much left unanswered here by Munce and 2 words should ring in your ears – BUYER BEWARE!

Simply ask for verifiable proof of results – if this is a professional outfit then they will have transparency (see www.pro-info.co.uk for instance regarding transparency of winners as well as losers) – do your duty – BE YOUR OWN REGULATOR!

The New Year will no doubt see a few more of these offers coming through your doors, especially with the old “recession busting” marketing so please be careful out there – it’s infested with sharks!

Other systems I am monitoring are too early in the process for me to give any realistic feedback so I will hold fire until Jan’s newsletter.

I am off now to get 5 gold rings, 4 calling birds, 3 French hens, 2 turtle doves and a partridge in a pear tree – just hope Ryan Air let me taken them in my cabin bags!

Have a great weekend.