Good afternoon!

What a week – I’ve just celebrated my first proper priced winner on the weblog in the form of Alasil at 14/1 who popped home in imperious style (sort of by a neck I think!) on Thursday. I was getting frustrated with a series of close encounters – all 2nds at 10/1 8/1 and 7/1 who, if they just got their head infront would turn a sigh into a jig!

You can keep up with what I’m doing at (

It has given me confidence because, previously, the only way I could get big priced winners was by using the ‘follow the money’ based systems in the live market. They still have their place of course, but it’s great to be able to uncover bigger prices for you, dear reader, to hopefully fill yer boots!

I have tried a different tack here by looking mostly for each way bets in the hope at least the horses will get placed to enable us to get our stakes back. Funnily enough, a number of these selections appear in my arch enemy HANDICAPS!

And another thing, some of these horses are chosen based upon a recollection of their name, probably the subconscious recalling a past good run or previous stable gamble. With the amount of racing I look at and results I look through daily, it is not surprising that my subconscious can recall previous good runners running again (DerrenBrown -eat yer heart out!) and give me a gentle nudge towards one particular horse in the betting.


Fresh from August’s ‘follow the money’ theme, I received a copy of the new ‘Don’t Tell the Professionals’. course. It’s hot off the press and deals, simply, with following the big institutions money in the world’s money markets and by following their money, follow their profits also.

This takes a different approach to the Insider Signal (it’s not day trading and works across ALL markets), but with the same excellent layout and support.

I can’t wait to get stuck into to this course and implement it in full.

You know I’m a great believer in following the money in the live racing price markets, the markets on Betfair, and the Tote. What a bonus to find a course which reveals this in the Financial World where you’re not following a small stable gamble, but the multi-million pound trades of the big banks which make the signal even more potent.

You see, it is the big boys, the banks and institutions who really shape the market with their huge volumes of buying and selling. The course has really opened my eyes into how manipulative these banks and institutions are.

So let’s piggyback ride them! Makes perfect sense! I’ll give you more details about the course tomorrow, but for a sneak peak, take a look here:

By the way, my publisher (Nick ‘The Boss’ Laight) is fully endorsing this course and is putting his money where his mouth is by personally underwriting the unconditional 45 day guarantee!


We have finished our initial test month with the Sequencer, and although in profit on both the back and lay bets, my initial optimism is waining with the lack of consistency in winning bets and their prices which make no impact on any previous losses.

We shall continue to the end of September and then review. The key to this system may be progressive staking at each venue, rather than level stakes betting.


Smart money racing and tennis systems have joined my list of systems to try out, and you’ll be glad to hear I’ve grown 2 more sets of arms and an extra head to cope with the work load. I have found an interesting site which has some potentially very workable systems for only £319.95 covering everything from horse racing to the forex market. If any of these systems do the business, then, for the price it must be the bargain of the century.

You WILL be the first to know

My trials continue with the EUREKA moments of last week and I need to do a bit more lateral thinking before these become truly workable and practicable systems.


I hope you have taken the opportunity to glance at the laying adventures of Maria at
– it is inspiring and I must thank the reader for reintroducing me to it. I’m now hard at work trying to replicate her achievements and the first port of call is the selection strategy – I have had losing days and I have had winning days, and the good news is I’m moving forward slowly. I am implementing the selections of a few systems and including my own based purely on the betting forecast as an indicator of a race’s competitiveness or a favourite’s perceived weaknesses. I am excited by this as a long term investment strategy ( for that’s what it is) and hope I don’t see the day when all of my lays go on to win! – AAARRRGHHHH! I’ll keep you posted with this as it ticks all the right boxes, and more importantly, you don’t need to shell out any money for it.


Continuing my HTB for football experiment, I have already highlighted those ultra short priced home favs who have a strong chance of winning. I will concentrate this weekend on Chelsea at Home to Charlton, Rangers at Home to Falkirk and Barcelona at home to Osasuna. I am hopeful of 3 home wins and will bet a 1/3rd of my £330+ betting bank on each outcome, and compound it again midweek if any opportunities arise. It’s simplistic and I hope, profitable over a long period of time. The bookmaker’s odds compilers are highlighting those most likely so we can take advantage. Yes, it’s not very adventurous, but I’m sure my £330 initial seed money will be a lot bigger season end, with the help of my good pal compounding.

The Mersey derby stands out this weekend from a trading perspective. The under 2.5 goals market looks a good play in this game to reverse out at half time, or as early as possible provided the 0-0 stalemate remains. I am quite taken by Portsmouth’s performances of late, and I can see them winning at home quite a lot this season.

I am still experimenting on the progressive staking system whereby I chose a match with odds for home an away teams of evens or greater, and back both of these outcomes, the presupposition being that draws do not occur as frequently as home and away wins IN THESE PRICERANGES.

Last week I noticed that there were a plethora of score draws at prices on the long list for the draw of 11/5 – this is worth monitoring – 2 weekend’s ago, following the 11/5 draws resulted in 7 score draws and 1 no score draw – interesting eh? Worth following as well as the season continues. I can’t make any assumptions based on one weekend’s results, but this could be a good policy for the score draw seekers looking to take a wad of cash off MrLittlewood and his pal Vernon.

It’s still too early in the season from a statisticians perspective and I’ll be waiting another couple of weeks until I base my bets on stats.


I would be most grateful if any volunteers out there could provide their feedback in a timely fashion with the actual system they’re trialing in the subject box of the email. I hope that I can tell other readers about your successes. My apologies for those of you waiting for a good/bad list. With me acting as grampa this week (my folks are in Oz and I have to look after my brother’s little devils for this week only – fingers in electric sockets – turning my computer off when I don’t want it off – the Backyardigans – and all things children!).

Time just isn’t on my side!

Interestingly my niece has a great selection system based on the fact she likes the colours of the jockeys silks and the name of the horse (which must have some link to Barbie, Spiderman, Toy Story or The Incredibles) and this could be a winning service – her first attempt provided a 10/1 winner! And her fees aren’t too bad either – as long as she can log into the Barbie website and get an ice cream she’s happy.

Have a great weekend, and I will do my utmost to maintain the good priced winners the blog has been experiencing of late.

Check it out here:


PS: I’ll be in touch again tomorrow with news on that fantastic new ‘follow the professional money’ course!