Here’s something I know you’re going to like…

It’s a little tactic called ante post betting and the benefits when done properly can be huge.

You see, I’ve found a proven and trusted source that could regularly hand you bets at odds of 5/1 when it should be Evens… 10/1 when it should be 3/1… or even 33/1 when it should be 7/1…

So how’s it done?

Well, probably the greatest source of ante-post betting is a service called ‘The Insider’. I’ve been a huge fan of this service for many years and I can thoroughly recommend you take a look today. Just click on this link:


The man behind The Insider is Mr X. No, that’s not his real name. And don’t worry, it’s not a alias for out friend Steven eBrookes!

He uses this mysterious name for a very good reason…

You see, Mr X is a veteran odds compiler for some of the UK’s top bookmakers. Obviously he doesn’t want to compromise the very privileged position he’s in.

As an odds compiler with 35 years experience he has a distinct advantage over the everyday punter. He’s able to pinpoint opportunities to get in early on an overpriced bet, or take advantage of a basic bookmaking error across a huge range of events.

I won’t go into too much detail about the ins and outs of how this works because you can see all that here:


I’ve been a BIG FAN of Mr X for some years now. He always delivers top quality advice through his various newsletters – and his flagship service THE INSIDER is probably top of the crop.

For example, months before the Australian Open in January this year Mr X advised punters to back the eventual winner, Djokovic, at 33/1. Meanwhile closer to the event, the odds had shortened considerably down to 7/1. That tip off would have turned £100 into £3,300! –

(It’s worth mentioning here, that even before the event had gone off, you could have traded out for a RISK FREE and GUARANTEED profit using the betting exchanges if you had so desired and sat back and watched the Aussie open without a care!)

And it doesn’t stop there. Here are some more big hitters Mr X has delivered recently:

* Ospreys to Rugby Union’s Anglo-Welsh Cup – generating a 1,200% profit between October and April.

* You could have made 6 times your money from little known sport of Biathlon Skiing.

* Swapping £20 for £90 in the space of 24-hours on Andy Abraham to win the ‘Your Decision’ TV song for Europe vote.

* Or a massive 1,600% clear profit from Shane Williams being the Top Try Scorer in the Six Nations…

Of course, Mr X doesn’t always get it right, but with 35 years in the business plus 5 very successful years running The Insider, he has won a lot of fans who appreciate his advice.

Here are a couple of them:

“Well what can I say except…….superb! I am only a minor player staking £10 per point but all in all I walked away with just under £200 in clear profit!” GP-G

“…I made a 32 points profit on Australia – which was just as well as the money paid for my trip to Holland to watch the play-off match.”?KT

“I especially love your tennis bets – who wouldn’t after Gonzalez? I got 50/1 . . . Don’t know how you do it. Thanks.” – DC

“I have bet mainly on horses for over 50 years, and lost nearly 15 thousand pounds, so I cannot describe how delighted I am with MR X, HE is so good I still have hundreds of pounds in my bank, so a BIG THANK YOU!” – JW,

“Mr X is an absolute genius I have just made an absolute killing from England v Wales and it is all thanks to his team I love rugby!” – LJ

“…everything I’ve learnt about betting is down to Mr X, and 6 out of 6 winning bets this is one isolated example of many successes! Thank for an excellent service!!” – PG

With the risk free trial on offer, there’s nothing to lose to check him out. The publishers – Oxfordshire Press – are totally trustworthy and would always honour their refunds if you needed to take them up on the refund (which I doubt very much!)


If you do manage to get in on this do let me know how you get on.