Just a quick note about something in your latest WRWM issue – it should be with you today or Monday.

Take a look on page 10 and you’ll find a great article on Texas Hold ’em poker – even better, you’ll find a way to download an entire free ebook that’s perfect for anyone interested in getting started.

But if my inbox is anything to go by, then there are a LOT of serious poker players out there hungry for more advanced strategies for winning on and offline tournaments.

With that in mind I’ve done a bit of digging around and come across something I think you’ll be very interested in. This is another tip-off from my very switched on publisher – NickLaight. He has a nose for great money-making ideas and this is another corker.

Check out this link:


What you’ll find here is a bunch of the best poker players in the world spilling the beans on their technqiues. It’s first class stuff and sure to boost your success at the table.

Nick and I have checked out the publishers and they are totally legit. You’ll notice they offer 60 day unconditional money back guarantee. What’s more as Nick is involved, he is ‘underwriting’ the guarantee so you would never have a problem getting your money back if it wasn’t for you.

Anyway, do check out the link here: http://www.swattexasholdem.com/cbp/

If you take up the offer and get your hands on these insider techniques, drop me a line to tell me how they have improved your game!