The jumps season is now with us and there are a number of betting strategies we can use to profit with.

Personally, I like to take note of jockey and trainer combinations over the jumps. Ruby Walsh and Paul Nicholls are likely to perform superbly when favourites, and Barry Geraghty for Nicky Henderson is likely to be a formidable combination.

Each Way Betting and Jumps Racing

Each way betting is also a great way to approach jumps races this winter. Each way betting, simply put, is 2 bets – the first part on a horse to win, and the second part on a horse to place.

I will be focusing on 8 runner races (as this is the minimum number of runners which will pay out for a horse finishing in the first 3. Generally I will be betting on 3rd and 5th favourites.

Why 3rd and 5th favourites? Well I chose the 3rd favourite because he is fancied by the betting market but is not so short as to make him valueless. I chose the 5th favourite because he’s not quite as fancied, BUT is NOT quite in the category of “outsider”.

I should get decent each way prices here.

The key distinction between the flat season and the jumps season is that the latter features obstacles. And with obstacles can come horses that make mistakes, unseat the rider, and fall. Once a horse falls, this is one less rival to worry about. This, I hope, can enable bigger priced horses to become competitive.

I’m going to try out this strategy via my blog so feel free to follow it.

Enhanced Bet Watch

With the return of domestic football this weekend, and matches throughout Europe, you have a great opportunity to put the enhanced bets philosophy from September’s WRWM into action. Here’s what you can do tomorrow

* Go to www.betfair.com, and under Football, bring up the menu for Saturday In-Play Coupon

* Make a note of all football teams who are expected to win (in bold). Tomorrow I will be looking, with glee, at St Johnstone v Rangers, Freiburg v Bayern Munich, Arsenal v Birmingham, Man Utd v Bolton, Rubin Kazan v Khimki, Olympiakos v Asteras, Monsanto v Benfica, Real Madrid v Valladolid, Porto v Sertenanse, and Valencia v Barcelona.

* Bring up www.futbol24.com and select these football matches

* Sit back, wait for the “ping” which signals a goal and hope that the underdogs have scored first.

* Back the hotpots (like Rangers) at enhanced odds once they are a goal down and hope they equalize. Once they equalize, trade out for a nice profit

* Spend profits on Guinness (optional!)

This is my routine on a typical weekend, and if you have www.futbol24.com up and running, you can go off and do other things, wait for the ping, and pounce! Do read the enhanced bets articles from September and give it a go tomorrow. By the way, do check out www.soccerbettingmoneymaker.blogspot.com for an idea of other football strategies you can use and profit from tomorrow

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Here’s an enhanced bet from this week to whet your appetite.

Why Gilardino is on my Xmas card list

Well there was I, on the edge of my seat, savouring the delightful football, the gladiatorial battle between, erm, Ireland and, erm, Montenegro.

As is my wont, I had faithful old www.futbol24.com on in the background, and it was pinging with regularity.

One such ping caught my attention. Italy at gone a goal down to Cyprus. Italy were playing at home. As this information was simultaneously relayed by the commentator on the telly, said commentator mentioned that Italy had NEVER lost a World Cup Qualifier at home under Marcelo Lippi.

Now I did not fancy Italy mid week as the match was meaningless for them – there was no real justification for busting a gut. After all they had already qualified for the World Cup.

But at the back of my mind was the information regarding Italy’s excellent home form. Just imagine if this record was broken was little old Cyprus. There’d be a few horses heads in players’ beds methinks!

So, in enhanced betting mode, what with Italy 1-0 down at home, I backed Italy at odds of 1.98 (they were 1.23 to back pre match).

I waited for the ping . . . and it soon arrived telling me a goal had been scored.

But it wasn’t, as I expected, an Italian equalizer. Instead it was Italy 0 Cyprus 2!

I resigned myself to defeat and just hoped some shrewd enhanced bet afficiados backed Italy now at odds of 15.

Enter my new friend Gilardino.

He scores one – it’s Italy 1 Cyprus 2

He scores a second -It’s Italy 2 Cyprus 2

It’s the 91st minute, Gilardino scores a 3rd!

What a come back! And another enhanced bet profit in the bag!

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October Issue Under Construction

October’s WRWM is undergoing final tweaks this weekend, and there’s some interesting stuff for you this month. I am particularly excited by Martin Blakey’s new handicap system which is so simple to operate but can really dig out some fine priced horses.

I also have information on a couple of systems with distinct promise, and thankfully they, too, are easy to use.

There’s also an introduction to trading, as some readers requested a back to basics.

And a whole lot more!

So, do try out enhanced betting tomorrow, paper trade if you like, but make note of the odds and how they fluctuate when football matches are in play.

I’m off now to get the prayer mat out and hope that Birmingham City go 3-0 up in the first 2 minutes at Arsenal tomorrow so I can back the gunners, watch them comeback to win 4-3, and consequently retire on the profits!

Have a great weekend