This week I have been mostly…


And when I say live shows, I don’t mean the Stringfellow type live shows alas, I mean the live bookmaker’s prices in my commitment to record all races this week which qualified for Smoke and Mirrors, and, well, I’m happier than Kelly Brook’s sun tan lotion applier.

This system really is performing well, and can accurately interpret those horses, sometimes at big prices, who don’t have the form to run well, but somehow manage to be competitive.


NOPE! It happens far too often to be honest with you. I have taken screenshots of all races this week bar Wednesday evening as there was the small matter of some kick about in Rome that I watched.

Results have been very impressive and there are some practical elements and tips to make it more efficient. I’m happy to share this with any readers who have bought the system so drop me an email.

One element for instance… Let me ask you – would you get involved in a 16 runner 3 mile 6 furlong veterans hunter chase in soft to heavy ground?


Me neither. What I’m saying here is that some races are just not betting mediums regardless of any signals to back horses in those races. There are other aspects I have noticed (thanks to following all races and I’ve put in some long stints!) So, as I said before, email me. As things stand, this is a great system for those able to follow the live betting market and I’m incorporating it in my betting from here on in. I love it! And will continue to take screenshots.

As you can appreciate, sometimes 7 hour stints have left me little time to follow the usual systems but fear not I have the Racing Posts to hand for this whole week and will find time to update on the Protégé, Winners to Losers et al by next week. The live markets have taken over at the moment (and why not if I’m profiting from them!)

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One new system I have is to be found at http://www.bookierobbery.com . This is a tennis based eBook, telling us how to trade using spreadbetting or betfair and a lot of this eBook is dedicated to explaining markets rather than any actual practical and applicable systems. The website does not hint at all that this has anything to do with trading on tennis markets, so I hope this will help those for whom tennis trading is not top of their list (like me!)

The video of the profitable punter looks like they have hired a very bad actor ,and if you have watched Derren Brown you know what to look for in people who may be being a little loose with the truth. I’m afraid this next De Niro did not impress!

Spreadtrading, it must be said, is a leveraged product. You can lose more than you initially deposited, but those with the glass half full will realize that you can profit very well with a small sum if you get it right. The spreadbetting firms involved with sports betting do have virtual accounts and with Wimbledon on the horizon, I look forward to getting out the Robinsons Barley water, strawberries and cream and seeing if this tennis trading via spread betting can be profitable. More on this soon!


No, it’s not a petition to bring back the old TV Show with Henry Kelly (I could think of another Kelly who would be better suited), this is another shout out for trialists for HANDICAP GOLD, a handicap ratings service I’ve been impressed with BUT for which I need real people to trial it in the real world.


I’ve had some replies already but would like more trialists. It’s free, non obligatory and has been picking out some solid handicap winners using the unique the email subject box and nothing more as I don’t read these emails, just put them in a folder. We’ll be closing the doors on this trial on Tuesday so get emailing if you want to get involved.

A nice month long trial will enable all to gauge the usefulness or otherwise of the ratings and also see any improvements that can be made to the information provided to make it more profitable.


Continues with a 100% strike rate this week and as I come to the end of another month on the blog, one loser is the total for this month gone. There is no reason why I cannot aim for, and get, 100% strike rate in June so follow along, see if I can replicate my longest winning run of 49 (I’d love to break the 50 day barrier!)

One thing I’ve noticed this week. Short odds in football matches usually equal goals. So if you notice a 1/14 shot, immediately take a look at the over 2.5 and over 3.5 goals markets. You’ll get better odds on what is as near to a good thing as you can get (although as I write Tromso, a 1/10 shot  were 2-1 down with 4 minutes to go, BUT WON 3-2! )


With talk about shorties in the football (and I don’t mean Leo Messi!) I have been sent a football laying system which has claimed some great profits from laying football teams who are odds on. This interests me of course after my recent article on said subject in May’s newsletter so is definitely worth following with interest. One to keep you informed of. No big liabilities to worry about either. NICE!


Yes, this weekend I am looking forward to seeing the 2nd funniest thing in Newcastle (after Newcastle United of course) and that is Ross Noble (how he was not approached for the Newcastle manager’s job I will never know!) who appears at the Kilkenny Cat Laughs this Sunday. It’s quite obvious the Irish don’t know this comedy genius because I could get a ticket easily, so, alas, I’ll be swapping the bookmaker’s live shows with -just for a few hours.

Should be funnier than a Brookes eBook, and cheaper to boot!

Have a great weekend,

Clive Keeling