Review: The Sharp End System

The Sharp End System was developed by Bernard Hibbert of  The system has an element of the price gapper about it. It focuses on The Racing Post betting forecast favourites and takes these horses through a simplified selection procedure to find strong, or apparently strong, market leaders to back using 10% of a rolling betting bank as the recommended staking plan.  So how has this system performed since year start?

1st Jan 1st 1/6

2nd Jan 2nd 4/6

3rd Jan 1st 5/6

13th Jan 1st 2/5

17th Jan 1st 13/8, 3rd 11/10

24th Jan 2nd 10/11

28th Jan 3rd 4/11

30th Jan 3rd of 7 10/11

31st Jan 2nd 8/11 4th 15/8

13th Feb 1st 5/4

14th Feb 1st 10/11, 1st 10/11

19th Feb 1st 4/11

26th Feb 2nd 1/3, 2nd 8/11

13th March 1st 4/11

21st March 1st 4/9

Looking at the results in the context of the time of year, January’s poor performance was, I suppose, inevitable. Again, with my place backer’s head on, all bar one of the selections has placed. Food for thought perhaps?

The focus of this system is on strong favourites in races where favourites have, historically, performed well. Hopefully it is this combination which will turn around the poor form of the winter months as we enter the flat season.

The strike rate of 53 % since year start is not satisfactory given the prices and to the recommended 10% of a rolling betting bank, a 21?2 point loss to date is not too disconcerting when put into perspective.

You can download the March issue of WRWM HERE