There are many ways to make a buck in this horse racing game…

Back to win, back to place, or even back to lose!

And there’s also a way to look at racing as an investment vehicle for the longer term. And that’s exactly what a new service called Winning Colours Alert aims to deliver.

The key to success with any investment-based approach is a high strike rate combined with compounding profits.

I’m delighted to report that John Hamer’s new system ticks the boxes on both counts.

Now you might be familiar with John through his Pegasus Racing Club service that was recommended by me in the past.

You can find out full details of his new and highly recommended service here:

Winning Colours Alert

So how is the high strike rate achieved?

John has a unique strategy which highlights certain races, and certain horses within those races that are more likely to win. It’s called dutching – backing more than one horse in a race (in this case 3 horses).

Already, using this approach, we have a greater chance of success, and so we have the high strike rate that long-term investment vehicle type betting needs. And looking at the results on the website, the strike rate is very good indeed

Winning Colours Alert

Now let’s consider compounding.

You’ll have read in my recent series of articles that compounding can be highly effective for the long term. Here, John looks to make just 1% a day of the betting bank. So a £1,000 betting bank looks to make a simple £10.

The new betting bank becomes £1,010, and the new target is £10.10.

And so begins the descent of the snowball from the top of the mountain. Gathering small amounts to start with, but eventually the betting bank will get incrementally bigger, and so will the target profits and we’ll end up with a nice betting cycle where the 1% target gets bigger after each successful day.

Since January 2009 Winning Colours Alert has already proved this to be a successful approach, with a nominal £1,200 betting bank standing at a very respectable £9,000 to date.

So has it worked in the real world? Well there’s no better way of finding this out than to get real testers onboard and here’s what they’ve had to say. I always like to see services tested, and here’s some of the feedback:

“I’ve almost doubled my trading account. It’s simple to use, easy to follow and profitable! What more can I ask for?!” Mr P.L. Devon??

“It’s a slow-burn designed system, winning consistent steady profits and not a get rich quick one that doesn’t live up to its promises. The support system is excellent, nothing to be improved upon.” Mr. B. McKee??

“Winning Colours Alert is simple and easy to operate and understand and after the first day or two one can see it makes sense. No issues and the system has performed well.” Mr T. Nolan

Winning Colours Alert

Any downsides?

Well yes. You will need to be in the position to follow the live betting markets; I think it’s only fair to mention that.

And long term investment like this does require a degree of patience. As shown earlier, 1% target profit on £1,000 betting bank is a measly tenner, BUT it must be remembered that compounding will eventually take over and the daily target will gradually increase.

So if 2009’s performance can be replicated in this coming year, then Winning Colours Alert looks to be a great investment vehicle approach to horse racing betting. John’s previous strike rate has been very consistent so the future augurs well.

It’s well worth a try with a rock solid 30-day unconditional guarantee in place for your peace of mind.

Winning Colours Alert

Best regards