Statman: Complete Stats Rundown

Over the past couple of months I have been working on an idea to compile statistics for every racecourse in the UK, and also all the major meetings and festivals. This sounds like a lot of work and believe me it is. When you see what I have for you, you’ll see why my computers have had smoke coming out the back of them and why my databases have been running for a whole month.

I have gone through between 15 and 20 thousand statistics for each course in the UK, not just covering the Course but all of the Jockeys and Trainers, to both back and lay. I have taken the highest strike rates and greatest profits and created a compendium of statistics grouped by Course.

I want to give you a sampler. Here I have selected Six Courses. This is in experimental mode currently, so any feedback is very welcome. Any advantage we can get over the old enemy is most welcome, and I personally think that statistics are as good a way of getting the edge as any other method.

One last thing before the stats… The Trainer and Jockey stats are pretty much as you’ve seen before, the Course stats are very similar however each Course stat has a maximum price associated with it, but that should be clear from the tables.. Also the Comparable Courses is a list of other Courses around the country that have very similar characteristics; this is particularly useful when weighing up a horse that has no Course experience.

I’ll sign off here and leave you with THE STATS! Until August (when I’m next due to write to you) enjoy the summers racing, and above all punt profitably!

To download the stats, go to

Chris James – THE STATMAN