Yes, folks, the wait is over. No I’m not talking about the imminent release of the Encyclopaedia Brookesanicus this week ( all you need to know about everything, for only £37!), I am of course talking about the Premiership kick off tomorrow. Hooray!

I like the football season because there are many opportunities for us to make some lovely moolah. I’ll be covering the major systems in the August newsletter and will also provide a step by step look at enhanced betting.

Enchanced Betting – Back Hot Favourites at Big Prices

I keep bleating on about it because it makes money. In August’s newsletter you’ll see some lovely screenshots showing how I made a £160 guaranteed profit when Macedonia played Spain mid week in a friendly.

You’ll also gasp in amazement at how I managed to back a 1/3 shot (Spain) at nearly 7/1 (7.8 on Betfair!) The football season is not even upon us in force, yet this is NOT the first 3 figured return I have experienced for a small outlay.

Now you can fork out £37 for Easy Trader Pro or you can fork out all for my enhanced betting in August’s newsletter.

How else can we profit this footy season?

Well, in the August newsletter I’ll be looking through trading, fixed odds permutations, and the systems, tipsters and software that are available to you.


This season why don’t you chose a handful of football teams yourself and focus on these? For example, I am going to be focusing on Le Havre and Nantes in the French 2nd division. Why? Well these 2 teams dominated when they were last in the 2nd tier of French football (they were in the Premier League last season) and you really get a feel for teams when you focus on them.

Bordeaux is another side to focus on at home – they didn’t lose at home last season and began this season with a 4-1 win at home.

Real Madrid and Barca will be other teams to focus on, especially the former and their goal scoring prowess pre season and the players they have bought ( the latter have lost Eto’o – a big miss).

Inter Milan I will focus on at home because they are a Mourinho team and Porto and Chelsea never lost at home in the League under this boss. They are the recipients of one Samuel Eto’o too.

So I hope you see why focusing on specific teams throughout a season under specific circumstances allows you a number of betting opportunities each week.

The blog will begin again tomorrow and look at the number of systems in the real world, and hopefully give you some ideas as to how to approach footy bets.

For instance, last year using Betfair multiples to LAY (oppose) trebles proved very profitable over the term of a season. This system came about because a system for backing trebles proved so crap!

We’ll also be looking at laying the draw ( yes that old chestnut – older than Menzies Campbell!) but still workable and much more, and it’s all free.

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More Affiliate Gubbins

Yes, no doubt you will have been bombarded by this service

Well, you get the usual follow up emails -this tipster is banned by all online bookmakers apparently – well you would if you posted screenshots winning £40 and staking £7.50 on your tips – this guy is BIG LEAGUE I tells yer!

Well the good news is that you can follow this tipster who is apparently called “Winning Form” at this website by simply registering and checking how they perform under League Tables – so there’s no hiding place for this tipster.

Look at their long term performance – it makes interesting reading. Reminds me so much of the AD Associates scam where they only showed one month where the system profited , but if you looked into it further , you’d see the tips were appalling. This looks like another dodgy one I’m afraid at first glance – August’s bumper profits are, erm -7.43 points to SP and -3.42 to Betfair prices (I don’t recall the Betfair screenshots showing this loss in August at Be careful with this one, because they may use Betfair prices to bump up the profit figures.

So DO NOT fall for these affiliate schemes without checking this site out and doing your homework – their marketing has actually given us clues as to what to look out for.

Surely you should know by know how this affiliate thing works? It’s one big process in getting new systems out weekly and creating a feeding frenzy.

I’m off now read Volume 1 of the Encyclopaedia Brookesanicus over a nice cup of tea.

Have a great weekend!

Clive Keeling