The Secret to Laying Horses Using Form Analysis: Make Sure You Get the Right System!

We now have an insight into how huge long term gains can be made, thanks to the staking plan introduced by Maria’s laying system, found at  (apologies for the wrong address last time out). However she never offered us an insight into her selection system which is a real pity.

It is with this in mind that I have been trying to find the definitive laying system which, when married to Maria’s staking plan, can lead us to the long and winding road to profit.

First, let’s take a look at  from James Jary. James apparently lives in Suffolk and gets photographed next to an expensive silver Mercedes. He claims to make £15,000 – £27,000 every month! “Utter ‘Brad Pitt!” I muttered to myself, but then got the calculator out and did some sums. Taking the average at £21,000 per month, that works out at £750 per day, or laying 5 horses to win £150.

Now that sounds a little more believable given you have a betting bank sufficient to bankroll such large likely liabilities and the inevitable lays which win their races.

I don’t know why I’m reviewing this lay system as James says himself: “Just to make clear and put your mind at rest this is: Not Multi Level Marketing, Not Gambling, Not Investing, Not Stock market, Not get rich quick scheme. I have never seen this information revealed before, even though I and a few others are using this information, to make thousands every month, by doing ridiculously easy things using the internet or phone and newspaper ”

OK, time for a reality check: this IS gambling. It IS investing. And I don’t know where he’s been if he’s never seen anyone else talk about laying before.

This doesn’t immediately fill me with any confidence as regards the product, a dvd entitled “How to Trade and Lay on Exchanges” which compromises 3 parts. The first part is “How to read and use the Racing Post like a bookmaker” which is a short introduction to The Racing Post and its form analysis. The 2nd part is the meat and bones of the system. The trading section is particularly lazy and weak and is essentially back high and lay low and vice versa.

The laying aspect of the dvd does not offer a system as such, rather a series of observations under various headings such as class, distance, form, weight, going, draw, jockeys. To my eyes, this is all very much common sense, but I can understand that to any newcomers these intricacies may be unfamiliar.

The 3rd part of the dvd is “The working of the Exchange and how to use it to profit” which just smacks of padding. It should be entitled “go to and take the free demo tour!”

The trading element of this package is extremely lazy and weak. For £97 I would be expecting a lot more. The laying advice is just that, advice. It is not a system per se, rather a series of things to look out for. With my more experienced eye, the information is very obvious, and to the more informed, experienced studier of form, I would say to do the exact opposite of what you do when looking through form to select horse to back!

I have covered aspects of laying in the newsletter, eg watch out for 2 year old debutants in maiden races etc, so do take a look in previous editions of What Really Wins Money. Look also for the article in the Premier edition about how to create your perfect selection, and basically do the opposite of that to create a lay selection.

For £97, I would have expected a selection blueprint and so am a little disappointed by this package. The trading aspect of the package is very weak indeed, and I can’t say this is value for money.

Now let’s take a look at How to Lay Favourites For A Living by Kris Jackman available at

When you contrast Mr Jary’s package with the one from Kris Jackman there’s no comparison. Seriously, I cannot fault this laying ebook! Again, it is not a system per se, rather a guide as to what to look for SPECIFICALLY to identify horses worthy of laying and everything seems to be covered comprehensively.

What’s more it’s half the price of the Jary package! This manual will offer you a complete grounding in what to look for to oppose horses, and preferably favourites and shorter priced horses.

The basis of this manual is again very form-oriented, but unlike the more expensive version by Mr Jary, everything is clearly mapped out, including a checklist of each element relevant to a horse that I have to check, from the postdata table, to weight, surface, draw and many other factors.

Far better written and presented, and at less than £50, I can heartily recommend this manual as an effective tool in finding horses to lay I must add though, that the selection system is quite involved and will take a while to get used to. It is akin to gathering evidence with which to make a case of opposing a horse. The initial 30 minutes a day is perhaps optimistic for the beginner, but I’m sure that the selection process can be reduced to this amount of time with practice.

Even if you don’t use the selection process within the manual, there are enough elements for it to open your eyes and noticing certain aspects a horse’s form, or the jockey/ trainer/ going/ distance that would preclude you from backing that horse, to make this a great reference tool for the layer.