It’s back  . . . and the timing is perfect!

After closing the doors 3 months ago
due to massive demand, they are once again
opening ‘Don’t Tell The Professionals’ to new

This hugely popular and proven trading strategy can show
you how to successfully track, trade and profit
from the big money deals in the financial
markets in just 20 minutes a day – whether it is
going up or down – in fact the recent rollercoaster
ride offers ideal trading conditions!

It has been delivering great profits for those lucky
enough to get onboard last year:

Just take a look at some of the testimonials from
students who only joined a few months ago:

“My overall profit since starting (October 2007) is
now £16,200!”  Terry Hodgkinson

“Not only have we DOUBLED our initial trading
fund in 6 weeks, I have transferred more money
PER WEEK into my bank account than I earnt a
MONTH when I was employed.” Michelle

You can check out more success stories on this

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What we have here is nothing less than a proven
way to piggyback the exact same trades the city
professionals use to line their pockets every

It’s just like our ‘follow the money’ in horse
racing  . . . but with even greater potential

We both know that the money influences the
market. And in horse racing it’s the bookies
who lead the market. Why? Because they have
insider information about a potential stable
gamble, or a horse who has performed
exceptional work at home and on the gallops.

You know the signals to look for. You also know

I’m so excited by this course – I’ve got my
hands on the all-new version and can’t wait to
start trading these signals for real!

Trust me, it’s one of those courses where you
think ‘If only I’d thought of that!’

I was amazed to discover how the professionals
can manipulate market moves up and down to make
sure they profit! They even engineer market
moves which are misleading to the general

Not any more! What we have here is a genuine
breakthrough tested in the real world for over
11 years. Now you can look right into the
markets and see what has been hidden for so
long – clear signals of what the professional
money is really doing.

All you have to do is hop on their coat-tails
and enjoy the ride!

Like many WRWM readers, I was a big fan of The
Insider Signal currency trading course. But
that had one major drawback. You needed the
free time to day trade the FOREX cable market
using the 15-minute charts. Unfortunately, that
isn’t possible for most of us in full time

Well here’s the good news – this course is NOT
day trading. Instead it helps you to lock on to
longer-term market moves – typically days and

weeks. So there’s no need to sit in front of
your PC all day.

Another positive is the fact that you’re not
limited to one specific market like currencies.

The big boys are involved in ALL financial
markets and the signals shown in DTTP are the
same for individual shares, commodities,
indices, and yes currencies. Another bonus is
these signals are generated via the software
provided to make life a lot easier. Plus, as
part of the course, you get fed market alerts 3
times a week to show you where the
professionals are active.

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As you can tell, I am really fired up by this!
And with good reason. The results from ordinary
people who are following the strategy are
amazing! If you need further real life proof
that this works, just check out some of these

‘I’ve made a profit of over £5k in my first 3
months of trading and I believe that I’ll be
able to significantly build on this as I gain
in experience and knowledge.

Some of the highlights so far have been an £829
profit in Compass plc and an £893 profit in
Imperial Tobacco. My only regret is that I
didn’t buy the course sooner.’
Simon Kenyon

‘Got in to BT on the pull back… £10,000 up
could go to 3.13 before we see some profit
taking with medium term price target of £3.30 –
happy days!’
Gary Rhead, UK

‘I started the program in November 2006 and at
one point I was 118% in profit (down to 80% at
the moment)… Many thanks for the chance to
take part in something so bloody exciting.’
Phil Ulanowski

‘. . . I am currently looking at a 138% profit

on my original ‘investment’… I am certain
this system will pay for itself very quickly,
far quicker than I originally anticipated. DTTP
is just what I’ve been looking for,
Educational, interesting, enjoyable and
profitable – a great combination. Many thanks
Keith.’ MT, UK

‘In the relatively short time that I have been
involved…I have benefited from 133 point
movement in Rio Tinto, 98 points in Xsastra,
and 600 points in Light Crude. My wife (a
consummate technophobe!) is now also actively
interested and involved. It has been a life
changing experience. Thank you.’ Jonathan Cope
– UK

‘Well last week I had an excellent week using
this system. 5 trades completed . . . SHP
gained a net 81 points, AAL gained 51, LMI
gained 198, NXT gained 105, SBRY gained 22. A
total of 457 points!’ Lee Wells

Good, eh! You can find out more by clicking here.

It is the most complete and accessible trading
course I’ve come across and once the skills are
known and etched on your subconscious, then you
have a skill for life. To get you there, there
is unlimited email and telephone support so you
can have your hand held through the whole
learning process.

You know me by now. I’m sceptical of any big
claims when it comes to trading any market. But
what made a big difference here was that my
publisher – Nick Laight – was involved in the
development of the course. He’s gone even
further and laid his money on the line. He’s
fully underwriting the course’s unconditional
money back guarantee.

And if it’s good enough for Nick, it’s good
enough for me.

And what about cost? As you’ll see this

strategy doesn’t come cheap (I won’t spoilt the
surprise!). But if it really does live up to
its early promises, then this could be an
investment that repays itself many times over.

After just 10 week so launching last year, DTTP
closed its doors to new recruits so that the
support team could concentrate on giving first
class training.

I have no doubt the same will happen again – it
has a proven strategy, first class presentation
and support and above all is open to virtually
anyone with a pc, internet connection and 20
minutes spare a day.

In fact, the new intake is limited to just
275 places. So to avoid any disappointment
please take a look now

Click here

If you have any questions at all, email me and I’ll do my best to

Happy trading


that the bookmakers don’t broadcast the fancied
horses at the bigger prices.

And it’s just the same with the financial
markets. And with this new trading tool is you
can track, trade and profit from the major
moves of the world’s financial markets.

All you need is a PC, internet connection and
20 minutes a day. Even if you’re the slightest
bit interested in trading financial markets,
then I urge you to check out full details here