A Special message From Nick Laight Publisher – What Really Wins Money


Introducing a low risk laying system you can start with as little as £2 per stake, but end up making £1,750 or more per month – without having to follow the live market!


While Clive is locked in his cellar working hard on the next issue of What Really Wins Money, I wanted to give you this tip off . . .

You see I am so excited by the feedback I’m getting from readers about the Little Acorns low odds lay betting system I had to tell you about it.

You may recall that Clive gave a positive review of Little Acorns back in the May issue of What Really Wins Money.

All you need to get started is your PC, an Internet connection, and the ability to spend 15 to 20 minutes a day following the simple instructions.

You can start with stakes of as little as £2 and allow your profits to build and then increase your stakes. And the good news is you can place your lays and walk away, so you don’t need to be in front of your computer during live racing.

After a lot of investigating I am satisfied that it provides one of the easiest and most profitable laying systems available today. Take a look at full details here:


So how much could you make?

Take a look at these figures:
Start with £2 – win £14 to £70 every month
Start with £5 – win £35 to £175 every month
Start with £10 – win £70 to £350 every month_
Start with £50 – win £350 to £1,750 every month.

And what about feedback from real people?

Plenty! Here are just a few of the fantastic comments about Little Acorns posted on one of our forums…

*  “I have been using Little Acorns for some time now and have built up my stakes gradually. I started with £5 lay units and have moved up gradually to £50 lay units and now stash away around £1,200 profit a month.”

*  “I recently invested in ‘Little Acorns’ and have to say it is unbelievably easy to use.”

*  “It does the job and makes money without the worry of high liabilities. For anyone just starting my advice is to start small and move up the staking ladder by re-investing winnings as shown in the book slowly.”

These are just a few picked out from our forum recently. There’s much more information about this on the Little Acorns website.


I have done my usual due diligence on the people behind Little Acorns and they are totally above board. In fact, I have gone further and I am personally underwriting the guarantee – so you can give this a go without any risk or worry.

Highly recommended!

Please do let me know how you get on.