Well what a week eh?

Fabio “and Grooverider” Capello got special permission from Theo Walcott’s parents to allow him to play football after his usual bedtime (8pm) and was duly rewarded with a fine victory over the Croats. I must admit I laid Eng-er-land ( oh ye of little faith) so lost a little after young Theo’s first goal.

Is this the kind of blip Sven had (5-1 against Germany) or the sign of potential being fulfilled? Do the England nutritionists have enough Farley’s rusks to keep young Theo happy?

So many questions, so little time…


Well mid week showed some fine examples of football trading and greening up versus straight greed (and keeping bets to their finality).

Example 1

This is a prime example of an enhanced bet. You remember these types don’t you? A red hot favourite is losing, or drawing unexpectedly and their odds are far greater than pre match.

Cue Romania away to the might of the Faroe Islands. Now Romania were 1.04 to win (make £4 for a £100 stake- YIKES!) and were 0-0 at half time. The second half began and the Romanians got a man sent off. Their odds to win shot up to 2.00 – yes EVENS FOR A TEAM AGAINST THE FAROES!

I couldn’t resist and to be honest I wish I’d put my house on it (well my landlord’s house anyway!).

Cue Romania’s goal and the odds of 2.00 (evens) reduce dramatically to 1.05 – green up – happy days and a great enhanced odds bet.

Example 2

Portugal played the Danes at home and were strong favourites. The interesting part of the game occurred in the last few minutes.

2-1 to Portugal and Portugeuse backers  (not punters from Portugal, but backers of Portugal!) should have laid off their back bets with a matter of 4 minutes to go.

BUT NO, Those pesky Danes scored and equaliser and decided to score a winner in the 90th+ minute leaving backers of the home team cursing to the heavens.

Some lucky bar steward backed the Danes at 1000 odds (£112 matched!) – and no it wasn’t me cos I’m still writing this fecking eletter! – D’OH!

A prime example of trading out and actually sacrificing potential profit for the safety of getting our stakes back is the way to go. Too many times have I seen a “sure thing” go all Denmark on me! A great lesson to learn. And if that wasn’t enough, backers of Argentina (insomniacs mostly) would have been delighted that they scored first against Peru, and SHOULD HAVE TRADED OUT THERE AND THEN for a guaranteed profit. No doubt the greed monster would have bitten one or 2 who would have been cursing louder than the Portuguese backers with a 90th minute equaliser!

So if you’re thinking about trading the many in running football matches, then learn from these mid week matches and take a profit when a profit presents itself, and kick that greed monster to the curb, girlfriend!

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Well I gave myself a little pat on the back having tipped up Lithuania in last week’s football blog at a whopping
11/1. They won 3-0 and I nearly fell off my chair! If only all 11/1 shots won away from home 3-0!

We’re getting to week 4 now in the domestic league and one more week will signal the start of testing on some systems requiring a foundation of form. I’ll also begin purchasing the Racing and Football Outlook as this is a great resource for all the form you need for the footy.

On to the horse blog and it’s another 100% record today, albeit at odds which are shorter than Ronnie Corbett after a piano has fallen on his head.

Me and my team of ex Nasa scientists (erm, Clive, I don’t recall giving you permission to employ ex Nasa scientists – the Publisher) have been looking at ways to exploit this very high strike rate (only 2 losing bets in the last 3 weeks) and I have come up with the idea of using these bets to get my 2% compounding per day. High strike rate but short odds but I remain confident, and am already on day 5! If I get a loser ,well I have the option there of employing that old chestnut loss retrieval – yes I’ve said it before – loss retrieval and short odds don’t mix, but with a strike rate this good, I shouldn’t need to employ loss retrieval too often.

I’ll keep you informed – I am very confident about this.


No I’m not collecting domesticated furry animals, I’m looking for a few testers for a new service which will be
focussing on stable gambles, and horses the old stable lad and trainer have given a nod and a wink to. So email me in the usual way if you’re interested in testing this exciting new service which is unique to you as it hasn’t even been launched. I have to limit numbers to about 20 so get in touch sharpish as places will fill up fast.


This time last year I was settling down in Ireland and told you to back Kerry for the All Ireland Gaelic Final at 7/2 with Boyles Sports (I did – honest – check the eletter if you don’t believe me!)  Well they’re in the final and I have to decide whether to create a risk free bet by laying off my bet on Betfair or letting it run? Decisions decisions

– the match is on next weekend!

I’m off now to nurse my bruises from last week’s Clouseau’esque lunch date in Killarney where Kato managed to assault me only 4 times during the date.

Have a great weekend,