Back A 1/3 Shot At 5/2

Following on from Chelsea last week there was yet  another chance to back a team priced at 1/3 before the  match, at 5/2 in running (a great value bet surely?)

Yes Man Utd operated their patented ” let’s make sure  we go a goal down at half time, get the ole red nose  hairdryer treatment and win the game in the 2nd half”  strategy mid week against Wigan.

I actually put Man Utd up as a one a day bet mid week  at 1.31 and duly followed my own advice. Wigan  scored first to no reply and so it was 1-0 at half time,  and I was wondering whether Jamie Spencer was  actually playing for Man Utd!! The odds for Man Utd in  running at half time? 5/2!

I had to have a nibble.

And so their patented strategy kicked in with goals  from Tevez and Carrick ensuring victory and ensuring  me a greater return for a 1/3 team!

Those of you knowledgeable about enhanced bets  would not have stopped there – NO!

You’d have seen 1 / 2 Barcelona go a goal down  against Bilbao and be backable at evens. Yes, the  odds are still low, but this is a value bet surely?  Barcelona eventually won 4-1.

I am sure that this enhanced bets strategy over a  season will prove profitable. Why? Well we’re getting  big odds about ultra short priced football favourites  (and let’s face it 1/3, 1 / 4, 1/5 shots rarely lose their  matches).

The Man Utd bet, as already mentioned, formed my  Wednesday ONE A DAY bet and thus kept up another  100% run this week. What has been particularly  pleasing is the fact that shortlisters (those races I  shortlist and take my ONE A DAY selection from) have  all placed this week (if memory serves).

Indeed, some readers have been following and  backing all of these selections, using accumulator  betting (rolling over winnings to the next bet).

Of course the more bets you have, the more chance  you have of losing but it’s working well thus far!

So another 100% week this week for the place only  one a day bets and my close show biz pal Jamie  Spencer’s antics on Thomas Baines are being  consigned to the past!

Live Betting Strategy Hope

You will recall the live betting strategy I pointed out to  you in last month’s newsletter – it was free and hence  worth looking at!

Well, I have been following this strategy intermittently  and I must say that it does sniff out some great  winners.

The downside I suppose is the number of bets if you  were doing this on a race-by-race basis, but it would  seem to be a very effective method of backing likely  good priced runners.

Yesterday saw a 16/1 winner in the first race in York  (Internationaldebut). The bookmaker’s showing 25/1  20/1 16/1, thus making this bet a qualifier and it dotted  up at 16/1.

This, for me, would be a good strategy to use with a  separate betting bank and with the ability to follow the  live betting market. I must admit I was sceptical initially  but it’s not at all bad for a free strategy!

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Sceptics Eye (Patent Pending) In Practice

There have been an influx of new system releases this  week and I will précis my initial “sceptics eye” view of  one of these services in the hope I can show you that,  although, at first glance a website offer looks great,  with the sceptic’s eye (patent pending) we can uncover  areas that need answering.


I have no personal experience of this service but will  give initial impressions with my “sceptics eye” (patent  pending).

Firstly, as with a lot of services, there is selective  memory loss as regards the inevitable losers that will  occur.

NOT ONE mention of losers at all. Nowhere to be  seen, swallowed up in the black hole of selective  memory loss.

Of course they wouldn’t be marketing properly if they  did mention the losers – you don’t want to read about  the losers!

The sign up page is a little suspicious too – we have to  reveal name, address and even our date of birth. Now  why on earth would anyone want this kind of  information for an Internet/email /sms horse racing  tipping service?

Never give out such personal information in any form  IF IT IS NOT MERITED OR REQUIRED!

Again it’s just the sceptics eye – these guys could be  kosher but I have to be the watchdog “cos no one else  will!”

So this personal information is uncomfortable for me. I  certainly wouldn’t be relaying it to a complete stranger  in return for “no sign up” fees.

Ever the sceptic. This could be a ruse to collect  personal information, like those guys who send the  emails from Nigeria telling you you’ve won £100 billion!

Although there are no sign up fees or monthly fees, it  would seem, if you click on the “services” part of the  website, that you will have to upload money into some  kind of “account”.

Again, this makes me feel very uncomfortable. What is  this account they speak of? How will it be managed?  Can I withdraw my funds if I change my mind? Are we  signing any contract with this in mind regarding terms  of use with this account?

“Once you complete the sign up process, you will be  asked to upload funds into your account. You can  upload funds from your credit or debit card via  Nochex’s 128-bit SSL secure server – you do not need  an account with Nochex to make a payment.

Nochex is a UK limited company and is certified as a  Small Electronic Money Issuer by the Financial  Services Authority and regulated as a Money Service.”

A look on the help page and there’s no results for 2007  or 2008 – this may be an honest error, BUT it might be  hiding something else (remember I’m viewing this  website purely from a sceptic’s perspective).

I am also a little suspicious that in 2006 a profit of 751  points was seen throughout that year, BUT coinciding  with their May promotion and marketing, the last 3  days have seen a 165 print profit!!

Does this not sound a little out of balance when  compared with 751 points in 2006 for 365 days and  suddenly 165 points in 3 days during a promotion?

First impressions reveal an interesting service, but by  being the watchdog myself, there are a number of  elements to this service that need satisfactory  explanations in order for me to join.

I do not know the guys behind the service, and IT IS  PRECISELY FOR THIS REASON that I must treat this  with initial suspicion until satisfied.

This should be the way you view all new offers. I am  used to sniffing this out, thanks to a previous life as a  compliance officer, only in my last job we had a  watchdog – in this business we do not.

For all I know Final Furlongs could be a reputable,  honest service seeking the best for the customer with  a new and innovative method of providing tips, but  because we are effectively blindfolded when operating  on the Internet, we must be personally satisfied and  have all questions answered to our satisfaction.

So anyone looking to join this service should make use  of the “contact us” option and ask why they need your  personal details/ date of birth/ address? Where are  2007 and 2008 results? Why has he suddenly made  165 points profit in 3 days when he could only manage  751 points in a whole year previously? Where are the  list of inevitable losers? Where are the testimonials?  What is the guy behind the service’s actual NAME?  And so on…

It is our right as buyers to question! I could just be  overreacting and seeing things that might not be there!  IF you are satisfied that there is nothing to fear, then  by all means join and let me know how you get on.


This greyhound system sounds intriguing and I will be  purchasing and following it up as I have not come  across that many greyhound methods that don’t  involve dutching multiple selections in a single race or  using tricast – forecast methods of betting.

Again this is a standard webpage whose graphics can  be done for as little as £50 to give an air of  professionalism. So we should deprogramme  ourselves from immediately purchasing any betting  system because the graphics look good!

Nothing is revealed about the greyhound system at all  on the website

http://www.system-preview.com/ – YOU’RE HAVING A  GIRAFFE?

Can you make money from virtual horse racing?  Knowing my luck I’d have selected the virtual Jamie  Spencer as jockey!

These guys seem to think we can. In fact, the person  who came up with this system has made, ahem  “£100,000 in 4 months” – yeh and I’m marrying Kelly  Brook tomorrow (private service- no paparazzi!)

£120 per day they claim.

Again with the sceptics eye, this is just pie in the sky.

The only loophole I see could be from a sequencing  perspective – i.e. if no favourite has won after x  number of races, then start backing the favourite?

I am keen to look at this system because virtual racing,  like that found at Paddy Power online, is run virtually  every hour of the day.

I’m off now to virtually take virtual Kelly Brook out to virtual dinner with my virtual winnings from the virtual horse racing.

Have a great weekend.

Clive Keeling