Sunday sees the Jersey Races and I’m still thinking of getting the boat over to my sister island – a day at the races – doesn’t happen that often in this neck of the woods so I’m thoroughly looking forward to it. I hope Keiren Fallon makes an appearance at LesLandes race course. Even if he doesn’t, it’ll still be a great Sunday out in my sister isle. I wonder if, as happened in Guernsey, the bookmaker will be putting up the majority of horses in the field?


I’m trying out a number of – specifically – horse racing systems to back and lay, and there is one backing system which looks a cracking lay system! It deals with looking for each way selections but really isn’t picking any winners at all, and a lot of the horses are unplaced, which could lead me down the laying the place route.
It’s only been a week, and no doubt there’ll be 4 20/1 winners today to throw a spanner in the works. It is by working with a number of different systems, and putting them together in a spread sheet, that I hope to be able to say, for example, that when system x and system y are in agreement, the selection tends to win a higher percentage of the time.


Yes, we’re coming up to another month, and another shopping spree, – I already have a list of things to buy, but if you have any ideas, or wants, then please email me with them. After all, this newsletter’s for you, and it’s what you want that counts.

In the meantime, I must thank those readers for their correspondence especially regarding staking plans, which can make or break a bank (in the case of the Martingale – quite literally with Monte Carlo!). If there are, though, afficionados of Texas Holdem, please get in contact. I’d like to use some testers who are more grounded in Texas Holdem than I, so please get in touch at the usual address. I’ll be dedicating a couple of full days to greyhound racing, the equivalent of Kryptonite to Superman, and hope to put a few systems, especially the Fibonacci one(!) through its paces – you never know eh? But, like I’ve said before, the fact that the market is not flooded with greyhound systems is indicative of the difficulty we face!




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For those of you who asked for the articles on Forex, I draw your attention to the £350 a day – it seems to do the business, although the graph is a little too cluttered with indicators for my liking . I am however, interested in the strategy they put forward for 1 minute trading – yes, by its very nature it’s going to be volatile, but with that volatility will come opportunities to profit quickly. As long as good money management is kept in check, this could be an interesting method of ‘speeding up’ the process. I’ll keep you informed!

Below are a couple of links to free resources on the internet. If you look beyond the sales pitches for the products, you can find some useful tips on technical analysis.

http://www.fractalsedge-fx.com/ – download their free course. It serves as a great introduction to the world of Frex

http://www.omnitrader.com/omnitrader/producs/OTguidedtour.asp – gives you an insight into what to look for with trading – a basic introduction, but it’s free!.

I do have the Omnitrader 2004 version, and it’s not cheap, but it is effective, and is fully programmable with your own strategies if you so chose.

Do a google yourself, so to speak, and you’ll find that Forex trading really comes down to a finite number of pointers which are

***Support and resistance lines as indicators of possible price movement

***trading the trend

***candlestick charts

***moving averages as trend indicators.

It really is as simple as thick, (taking away the fundamental analysis tools) and, as I’ve said before, an area which has been brought out of the Institutions and into the living rooms of the everyday man.


I can’t wait for it. Have you decided on your strategy for the upcoming season.? Permutations perhaps? Trading perhaps? As ever, I’ll be using the excellent Sports Statistician, more so a month or 2 after the season is in full swing, to enable me to really identify the matches which work best for the trades I want to place. And at only £337 for the first year, it’s a resource I’m wiling to shell out for. As I mentioned last week, I’ll be reviewing the systems I have regarding football, as well as testing out some of the systems on the market , in the hope there’s an identifiable winner there. It looks as though Chelski are the team to beat again (you don’t say – Ed) and I’ll be backing them in the outright market to win the premiership, with one eye on trading . The teams who have come up from the Championship may be in for a torrid time, and could be worth a punt to be relegated, AGAIN with an eye to trading, should they lose a number of their opening matches. The Sports Statistician also helps identify trends in the lower leagues which is a real boon. If you want a free resource though, http://www.betdevil.com is excellent.

I’m keen to start looking at spread betting as it relates to football, as I feel I’m being a bit myopic just focussing on the betting exchanges, and I noticed, with the wealth of bookings during the World Cup, that a killing could have bee made on the bookings market.


My compounding blog will begin on 1st August at http://www.msnspaces.com/clivekeeling and be updated with a progress report on a daily basis. I hope it will show that we don’t need to go for the lumpy wins all in one go, but we can use the power of compounding to make daily gains which should, relative to the betting bank, be easily achievable. I’ll be concentrating on 2% per day, so tune it – it should be a good learning experience.

As mentioned above, take a look at http://www.msnspaces.com/clivekeeling for my opinions on the day’s racing, from my perspective using the betting forecast, and enjoy the sunshine!

Until next time,