Yes the name of a horse but also something I have been saying a lot the last week. You see I’m meeting a nice French girl for lunch down in Killarney today and I have been brushing up on my Inspector Clouseau French for the duration of the lunch. I have also had a crash course from someone called Derek from Peckham who told me to simply say “beaujolais Rodney beaujolais” – that, and “a bonnet de douche Rodney, a bonnet de douche” which is sure, he guarantees, to impress her.

So I am taking him on his word, but will his guarantee be as solid (clears throat) as some of the scoundrels out there in the betting world?


Continuing with the theme of place only betting, I only suffered one loss this week which I was very pleased about when using the price gapper philosophy. It just goes to show that a degree of personal opinion is required and picking and choosing price gappers rather than backing them wholly is the way to go. Of course 100% strike rate is not possible (and is the ideal really with such generally short prices for place betting) but a decent enough strike rate can ensure profit, and 2 losses only in 2 weeks is good for me. More work to do though and I really can’t submit it as a “system” because of the personal opinion required.

From a footballing perspective http://soccerbettingmoneymaker.blogspot.com/ has been quiet this week but the Premiership has certainly been interesting. – ManCity are the new Chelsea, West Ham and The Geordie boys have no manager. ManCity and Robinho! Who’d have thunk it? They look like good over 2.5 goalers for me against the right opposition with Shaun Wright Phillips there to add his wizardry.

There are a number of sub 1.10 football internationals this week , and yes, it’s my close show biz pal, enhanced betting which can be employed to increase these stingy odds ( £100 stake pays out £10) Enhanced how? Well I will be looking at the over 3.5 and over 4.5 goals markets depending on whether the teams will be playing home or away.

I will also be going for a good old fashioned mug punter acca to enhance odds to evens for all selections priced sub 1.10


I have been trawling through the many systems I have to hand to pick a few for trial and there are some interesting ideas there – time will tell though whether they are effective enough to pass on to you. One interesting thing I noticed this week is how many websites selling the “holy grail” have suddenly disappeared from the net! Says it all really!

Sportsworld Publishing have released a new backing system called the Cash Booster which I have only recently begun to monitor. On the plus side is the fact that selections can be made as soon as the day’s race cards are online. The negative? I haven’t found a selection yet! Yes this is a very stringent system, and Betfair have put a market up on whether there will be a Cashbooster selection before the 2012 Olympics!

Once the selections start to show themselves it will be very interesting to see the potential – as I say, we can make selections and place bets (although there is a price cap) pretty much the night before, or at least without being tied to the computer screen.

Betting exchange Profits.

Given a mention, albeit briefly, last week, this particular system does, alas ,require us to be tied to the computer screen, and is a simple , and potentially effective, backing and laying system which uses price movements solely on Betfair.

One tester, Barry, has enthused about it this week, and he has intelligently moulded the system to fit his particular betting personality.

As I mentioned last week, the system as it is written requires accumulator betting until a target is met – accumulator betting necessitates a 100% strike rate! BArry has altered the criteria to fit his own needs as he is uncomfortable with the potential of losing all of the day’s winnings on the last bet. I know the feeling and my swear jar would overflow and the air would be bluer than the Blue Moon which shines over ManCity at present! Still, this system has potential and I thank Barry for his continued input.

Of those currently on the market, Stephen Brookes has kindly sent me his new release to look at:


This is another ebook on trading, and, I’m afraid to say, for the cost of the ebook I would rather invest the money in a year’s subscription to Fairbot, who will do all the trading calculations for you, show you horses who are well backed using their individualised price graphs and allow you to green up (spread the profit) with a single click of the mouse. (And no I am not affilaited to Fairbot although I would probably be living next to Kelly Brooks now if I was!)

The manual also requires an element of personal input regarding form analysis so profit/loss will be personally dependent on your own level of ability in analysing form and taking a punt that a certain horse is most likely to be backed or drift because it is not fancied.

From my perspective the ebook is simply nothing new but the information therein will serve as a decent introduction to basic trading on the betting exchanges.

Trading is, simply, the most risk free method of benefitting from Betfair, but to trade without specialist, and value for money software, is folly. With a simple and affordable bit of kit like Fairbot, you can master trading in a day through personal observation of the price graphs for each horse. (And it doesn’t stop there footy and tennis as well) Indeed I have written articles on trading in the past – these may be worth looking at.

Well, I’m off now to clumsily bump into things while being attacked by my erstwhile oriental side kick while trying to impress a French girl with my Derek Trotter French. Wish me luck, and I’ll wish you a beaujolias week, Rodney.