Well, what a week it’s been for the out of kilter system mentioned in last week’s eletter…

On the Friday there were 2 winners, Riquewihr at 20/1 (32 on Betfair – that’s a whopping 31/1!) and JohnTerry at 16/1.

This week, I have been keeping a record of examples. Although some have been legitimate outsiders (as seen by their poor runnings) along pops another 20/1 winner at a huge 42 on Betfair – that’s 41/1!

A standout example came in the 720 Wolves on 16th July. This was a 6 furlong maiden stakes race and here’s how the Betfair price market looked from top to bottom:

Cracking Nick 2.56
Nice Wee Girl 8.4
Mudhish 10.5
Intersky Melody 24
Shabnaam 14
Maryolini 42
Spinning Ridge 8.2
Anabaas Secret 11
Carry on Cleo 36
Avian Flew 50
Rewski 70
Imaginemysurprise 100

So who’s out of kilter here? Can you spot the horse or horses before I tell you?

You’d be right if you said Intersky Melody and Maryolini. Now it’s the latter who really grabbed my attention – a massive price and stuck between an 8.2 and an 11! Further, this was a 6 furlong maiden race – i.e. open to surprises – and add to this the fact it was run on the all weather, and Maryolini looks an attractive proposition.

Check the results for that day yourself. Yes, Maryolini came in 1st at 20/1 SP. Of course, using Betfair we’d have filled our boots.

Now I really don’t expect these bets to oblige BUT THEY DO! It’s about 6 winners in 2 weeks all double figure odds and all mostly around the 20 marker.

I had another close call with a horse called Inishibee who was again out of kilter, and traded in running at odds of 1.6. Alas the horse was beaten into 2nd. Coincidence? I am being persuaded that it is definitely not coincidence. Reader feedback seems to back up this anomaly. I really don’t know why the odds are so big and the horses drift so much – perhaps it’s a ploy by some persons unknown to get a better and higher price in the in running market. Surely if the horse was fancied there’d be an inkling of this on the price graph, but these selections seem to drift like a barge!

While I wouldn’t advocate whole sale backing of all out of kilter cases, I would look to back the basil fawlty types i.e. “the bleedin’ obvious Sybil!” – like the one above.

I am sure that, if this kind of excellent strike rate continues, those of you who have the capacity to follow the live markets can benefit greatly – remember here it’s potential big returns for relatively little outlay. (Don’t get greedy now – there will be losing runs if we’re hunting down 20/1 winners -BUT I make it 6 winners now at 16/1 and above in 2 weeks – not even the mighty ColinDavey or Paul Howell (friend of the stars) can compete with this!) An ideal small stakes betting proposition can pay off well.



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LAY CRAZY’S birthday special offer.

You may have got an email inviting you to share in Lay Crazy’s birthday by purchasing their coming in 2nd system.

Well it’s already been done by the likes of stable income plan and Layer’s Edge, so anyone who has this should not duplicate purchase. Again, it’s hardly earthshattering – so if you get an invite to join their birthday special offer, just ask for some of their delicious Rice Krispie cakes and leave it at that!


An interesting meeting this week with a statistical type who showed me a way to turn an initial £238 investment into £15,000! Yes compounding rears its head again. So how is this achievable? Well, split your £238 seed money into 10 columns. The first column is £125, followed by 9 columns of £12.50.

With the £125, we look to make 2% daily if possible, and of the remaining 9 columns we look to make 3 columns at 1%, 3 columns at 2% and 3 columns at 3%, each with different time frames.

The key to making this work, I think, will have to be the use of the betting exchanges where laying, in running betting, and trading can really help to keep risk low, and earn the comparatively small target profits.

With the right tools, like software, these daily goals are achievable. I will be trying it out as of today and will keep you informed of my progress. My target today is a whopping £4.75. Achievable? Hmmmm let’s see!

I’m seeking to use trading and hedging mostly, as well as laying likely short priced horses (you know the type, favourites in maiden hurdles, novices stakes events and all other manner of horror races!) with a view to solely trading out with a hopeful profit in running if, as I expect, prices increase above those at which I laid the horse.

With the football season coming too, this kind of small gains system should come into its own. Want to see the spreadsheet – email me! The spreadsheet will explain better than words!


Yes I’ve filled my boots this week with a spread bet on how many times HazelIrving can repeat the “Carnasty” joke during this weekend’s coverage of the Open at Carnoustie. I have gone for double figures, and my bet is looking great with her wringing out the “Carnasty” play on words with aplomb on Wednesday’s Open review show. I’ll admit, she tried really hard to get the “Carnasty” in as many times as possible and I counted a respectable 4 times and it’s not even the weekend. Go on girl!


I’m looking for a couple of testers for this new betting system on the market which focuses predominantly on the Virtual soccer at selected bookmakers Eurobet, Paddy Power and StanJames. So to qualify as a tester, I want to hear from anyone who is a customer and user of any of these 3 bookmakers. I have heard reports are very favourable regarding this system. My immediate worry is the longevity of these virtual games – are they here for the foreseeable or until something else takes their place.?

I wish my football team Wolves could play in this Virtual League!


Thanks to another reader tip off, I’m investigating a fantastic new twist on the old theme of arbitrage, only this time you don’t have to deposit loads with a dodgy eastern European bookie and another amount with a US bookie based in the Caymans to claim you £1.40.

This arb method uses legit big name high street bookies and betfair to make REAL RISK FREE MONEY – more to follow next week!


One last thing before I go: my good friend greyhound racing.

Now I’ve discussed this previously that Betfair’s greyhound market is a backer’s market i.e. there is insufficient market forces to make laying prices shorter.

With that in mind, I am keen to take favs on in greyhounds but must do so by backing others rather than laying the fav.

So in bags meetings I’ve been looking at backing the 3 outsiders in every race – the advantage? These 3 outsiders odds are going to represent huge value onBetfair compared to traditional bookmakers. Why, only yesterday in one race, a 7/2 shot with the bookies was available at odds of 11 on Betfair – yes 10/1 for a 7/2 shot!

– Yes please! We’re also covering half the field which is great!

I’m only playing small here – back the outsiders to £2 stakes – that’s £6 a race, but the potential returns can be great. Take a look at http://www.thedogs.co.uk and check out how the outsiders have performed in random previous meetings. I would tend to avoid the night meetings at the big tracks like Romford and Walthamstow as the market leaders tend to perform well.

Plenty to chew on in this week’s eletter – Have a great weekend and don’t forget to cheer on MrsDoubtfire, sorry, Monty, in the Open – that’s as long as it doesn’t turn “Carnasty” up in Scotland!

Until next week,