Here’s how a complete beginner could make £750 in 15 minutes trading forex

Through my research, I recently got my hands on a forex system that offered those new to trading a virtually automated way to trade. The first day I tried this forex strategy there was very little market movement.

Yet the second day my trade shot up over 75 points!

Now let me put that into perspective – if you’d staked £1 a point (or pip as they are known), you could have made £75. If you’d staked £10 it would have been £750! And that was just a single trade that lasted in just 15 minutes!

The results have been so impressive that both WRWM publisher – Nick Laight – and I are now happy to put our names to it. To get your hands on full details of this simple to use low-risk forex system, please take a look at the information accompanying this month’s issue.

As you will see, the strategy is logical and by far the easiest method I’ve come across for gaining exposure to the forex market.

Seriously, if you want to make money forex trading, but don’t want the big risks or the hassle of learning how to read charts . . . or have to shell out thousands on courses, seminar or software, then this is for you . .