Will the Hot Systems of Last Year Make You Money in 2007?


Football trading has been my one main strategy of 2006 and has consistently produced a profit. Trading can continue to produce the goods in 2007 IF WE DO THE NECESSARY RESEARCH! This really is the key to succes. What has happened in the last 6 matches? Can we assume that these trends will continue in the future? The Sports Statistician and Prem Stats packages offered by Oxfordshire Press are my mainstays for information. Free sites include http://www.betdevil.com  and http://www.soccerstats.com along with The Racing and Football Outlook newspaper

The bookies buster form ratings table has been a revelation in highlighting teams most likely to beat their opposition (more so than their odds may suggest) – tight games where teams have the same ratings -please let me know if you’d like a look at the excel table and its calculations – you can actually create your own ratings. Email me at whatreallywinsmoney@yahoo.co.uk

Football Betting Science has been a godsend, and from the emails I’ve received has really helped people tighten up their perm selections – while actually doing the calculations for them. The spreadsheets have enabled people, and me, to more consistently produce profits, and will continue to do so in 2007. Available at http://footballsystem.co.uk/ it will serve football permers well into the future

FOOTBALL LAYING in this month’s edition of the newsletter looks to be an exciting profit making strategy for 2007.

These are the keys, I feel, to continued success in 2007. No doubt more will follow throughout the year ahead, but the above-mentioned are ideal building blocks to football success.

My Footie Bloghttp://soccerbettingmoneymaker.blogspot.com/ This is really a sounding board for my ideas – giving us the opportunity to look into new strategies without the space restrictions of the newsletter I’m pleased with the majority of my calls thus far, and hope to include some tutorials as the year moves on!


Was there a standout backing system in 2006? Well, to cut a long story short – not from my perspective but then my standards may be a little too idealistic. The Signposts to Success proved a false dawn when transferred to the flat. Riders To Riches though, did produce a 200+ point profit for 2006, and it looks as though this can be replicated in 2007. Recent months though have been very much treading water, but it looks as though the big prices can continue to be found.

How to Lay Favourites for a Living by Kris Jackman has proved to be a standout laying resource in 2006, and the book is a veritable reference guide for the horse layer. It is far more preferable to James Jary’s guide to laying, and is cheaper to boot. Again, please let me know. Available from http://www.racingsecret/ sexposed.com -the downside is the time taken to create selections because this manual is effectively a form analysis for laying.

My Lay Blog http://make-money-laying-losing-horses.blogspot.com/ – initial feedback has been positive. Again, I can try out systems daily, add new systems, allow you to actually track these systems and try to replicate the infamous Maria Staking Plan so I can retire to the Caribbean! I’m proving via the blog that it is achievable! A 10% return thus far. The Maria staking plan can be started with a bank of £500, which has the potential to turn into a 5-figure sum. The only thing stopping you from replicating the Maria plan is action. Will the plan continue to prove itself in 2007? I remain wholly optimistic. At the time of writing, a nominal £3,000 bank has grown to £3,856, and that’s with a step back to £2,780 in the first couple of days. And my strategy? Using the lay selections on the blog.

With The Lay Whisperer creating positive feedback from readers, this is another to add to the layblog in due course and, if performing well, to the Maria selection roster.

The end of 2006 has brought with it a wealth of interesting systems (see systems and tipsters updates fon page 8) These are predominantly short priced horses systems but at least 2 of them have the potential to prove profitable throughout 2007, even more so when they have been dissected and further filters added.

Trading on horses has proved to be a popular subject which I must devote more time to. There’s trading race by race, trading on favourites only, trading in running, hedging in running and more PLACE-ONLY BETTING.

This really has potential, but odds being extremely short means that a high strike rate is vital. The HTB System is still effective for place only betting, and I continue to track a number of systems, some of which are proving themselves to be promising from a place only perspective. Again, please get in touch for more info. The Mathematical Formula from Maclean Publishing offers an opportunity for those interested in place only betting to succeed.

Mohammed Ali’s How to Place Back Favourites For a Living is perhaps the manual that is most familiar to readers. It’s ok but not worth purchasing in my opinion. If place only betting interests you, then I will pursue it via my backing blog.


Sectional timing is the buzzword at present and I am exploring this avenue in full. I have already written an article, but only just recently managed to secure an extended trial with Bobby Burns the greyhoundtipster.com. There’s no real point in me including this incomplete article in this newsletter, so it will appear in full in a future newsletter. I will continue to search the market place and report back re greyhounds – it’s a market that’s there to be profited from I’m convinced. I am a little concerned that the greyhoundtipster advocates laying – I hope you remember that the greyhound market on betfair is generally unformed, lacking in liquidity and the market forces and volume to make it competitive. IT is a market which favours the backer heavily. The layer will ALWAYS be laying at a price higher than he/she should.

My Back Blog http://clivekeeling.spaces.live.com.

Not wishing to blow my own trumpet, when I compare what I achieve in my blog to the so-called “professionals’ I am very pleased indeed. Since the New Year, I’ve chosen 2 12/1 winners, a 33/1 2nd place, and numerous shorter priced winners, and this is free! So please do take a look, follow it for a few days and see if it suits you. Each way betting is at the heart of the system, and I have begun including twin progressive cycles – an idea touched upon in WRWM previously with respect to football matches only. With space restrictions in the newsletter, please contact me for more information regarding this strategy. Each-way betting allows for the absorption of losing runs and returns stakes for placed horses – tie this in with Betfair’s enhanced odds, and when my next winner arrives, the bank can continue to move forward.

More to Come

My aim during 2007 will be even more testing on your behalf because just the one simple, consistent profit maker that you can use even if you work, and profit from weekly or monthly from without having to follow the days racing, or be in front of the computer all day.

The world of casinos is another area we will investigate further, as well as more on financial betting and spread trading as it applies to sports, so there’s plenty to look forward to.