Why You May Need ‘Balls of Steel’ to Make This Short-Priced Backing System Profit

Here’s the hook on the website – “If you inspect the results, you will see that Tony is trying to devise the best staking approach for this system and shows 3 possible staking methods. Each method starts with a bank of £500. Their respective profits over the period were £5,957 (method 3, £50 level Stakes), £10,371 (method 1, bet strength graded stakes) and finally method 2, the most aggressive, using 10% of your bank on each selection gave a ridiculous £1,072,863 by the 10th of August and at that date the calculations were ended. Using this method the bank grows so quickly that in a very short period the stakes get too large and impossible to place”

£1,072,863 – oh yes please, but realistically placing the huge stakes, as mentioned above, to produce this return would require balls of steel. With a 70% strike rate as advertised, this system was worthy of more investigation.

Now it’s only early in my trialing of the system, but results thus far are most impressive- 19 winners from 31 selections, currently 61% strike rate, and I suspect some of my earlier selections may not have passed muster if chosen by the system creator. Eleven of these selections were odds on, with the other 8 5/4, 5/4, 5/2, 9/4, 11/10, 11/10, and 7/4.

I have a degree of confidence that this system will continue to produce winners, but with such short prices it will have to. As the majority of horses chosen are odds on, any sustained losing run with wipe out previously gained profits. The key bit of info you want to know is “has it produced a profit?” Well, to £100 level stakes, the bank lies at some £700, BUT I must stress this can be undone quickly if these short priced horses conspire to come 2nd.

So what’s involved?

The Foundation System bases itself around the RPR Ratings which I can only find with the paper version of The Racing Post, and selections are then taken through a few more steps to ensure only the best ones remain. The selection strategy is very simple to follow which is encouraging and there is no real ambiguity in the system.

How the staking plan works

The author advocates level staking or a graded staking plan based upon the strength of the selection when ratings, trainer statistics and other performance criteria are compared. I suspect that the graded staking plan is the most sensible here. It makes sense to lessen stakes on weaker selections.

Since inception a profit has accrued and if you take all factors into consideration such as ground conditions I feel that this system could produce a high strike rate for months to come.

As ever, progressive staking can play an important role with these selections due to the consistency of selections. I would include odds on selections down to 1/2 for progressive staking. Knowing what I now know from trialing the 5startipster.co.uk, I would look to make 1/250th of my betting bank per race. This allows for greater breathing space in the event of a small losing run. I will continue to monitor this system, especially as we enter the unpredictable weather conditions prevalent throughout the end of the year and beginning of the New Year.

BOTTOM LINE: Backing short-priced favourites is not for everyone, and for good reason – even a small losing run can impact greatly especially when the majority of selections are odds on, and the odd selection is very short odds on. I have noticed some areas of weakness with The Foundation System.

There are some races where the race can be reduced to 2 clear contenders who are generally very closely matched price wise – eg a recent example – favourite 5/6 2nd favourite 6/5. The second favourite was the actual Foundation System selection but it was the 5/6 favourite who won the race. Personally, I would discount these races as it’s essentially a toss of a coin race.

The Foundation System also selects short priced favourites in 2-year old maiden races. I would be cautious about backing a Foundation System selection in a 2-year old maiden race who meets the following criteria – only run once previously and ran promisingly and has been installed as short priced favourite based SOLELY UPON THAT PREVIOUS RUN. Two-year-old horses are by no means nailed on to replicate their runnings.

The Foundation System also highlights short priced favourites in National Hunt Flat Races (called Bumpers). These races are a hot bed for stable gambles and, from my perspective, I would have to follow the live betting market to ensure that The Foundation System selection is still favourite, and no other horses have been gambled on. I know that this may complicate an otherwise simple selection system, but these 2 points above are my personal experiences with the limited time I have had with the system.

Now my results differ slightly from the results provided by the system seller. I’ll put that down to the fact he invented the system, and hope that I can fall in line with his selections as I become more familiar with the system. Despite the fact that my results differ, I’m still 7 points in profit after 2 weeks.

These points apart, I believe experience will make selections more stringent and improve strike rate and we will have on our hands a good long-term profit vehicle.

Available from www.sportsworldpublishing.co.uk for £ 95, I will continue to monitor the system but I suspect we could be onto a good thing here.