Can You Really Profit From Laying Football?

Apparently so, says the guy behind the “Laying to Win” soccer system and his previous results certainly back up his claims.

The Key is The Niche Bets

Concentrating solely on 3 specific lay bets, the lay the draw bet, lay the away win bet and lay the nil-nil correct score bet, the author claims to have turned a nominal £1,000 betting bank into a 5 figure sum constantly over the past 5 years, and, having read the manual, I tend to think that this may be entirely possible.

So What’s Involved?

Well, he’s going to slap me if I give away too much, but the secret lies in the above mentioned 3 lay bets and in focusing essentially on 10 Leagues throughout Europe (don’t worry – with the internet world football stats and tables are a click of a mouse away!) The calculations are simple BUT the rules have to be strictly adhered to if you want to achieve the kind of returns spoken about. Having tried this system over the last 4 weeks football, I have not had a losing lay as yet. This system has even ensured that I’ve profited from Chelsea’s recent bout of draws!

I will continue to monitor the system which is applicable to English, Scottish, German, Italian and French football and. As ever with lay systems. we will see the true merits of the system over a longer period.

Any Negatives?

Well, laying the nil -nil result leaves the old knees a quivering because in a lot of cases the odds are in double figures and in some instances can be in the 20’s +. Great for the backer, butpanic stations for the layer, as liabilities are terrible! This, to be fair, is the only negative I have come across with this manual. The lay odds for the draw and away win bets are generally not too high, and utilizing one of the recommended staking plans will ensure that liability exposure is controlled.

The calculation process can be a little involved, especially if you’re looking to include all of the leagues mentioned in order to maximize betting opportunities. But if you’re willing to do the work then I’m sure the rewards will more than adequately compensate.

Bottom Line: I am very happy to recommend this football laying strategy, and would suggest that the profit figures given could be replicated. Alas, I cannot foretell the future, but based on the soundness of the principles within the manual, and if discipline to only bet when the rules tell you to bet is followed, then we could have a long term profitable laying vehicle – calculations can be worked out with ease out of office hours.

Available from for £79, I am convinced that this manual will return money spent and serve you for years to come.


Results have been very disappointing recently, and they look to have sacked their “tipster” source. I have not heard from them for some time now and emails have dried up since 30 December 2006. One to leave alone.

Since December 1st, there have been 7 account bets, 2 of the bets were win only bets at juicy odds which came 2nd, more’s the pity. Alas we don’t get paid for coming 2nd! Now there is more to this service than the account bets, which are pretty poor performers of late. The in-depth analysis of daily races can help you highlight backs and even lays based on the trends. I still remain optimistic of long-term profits, but at present, profits aren’t made on nearly rans and 2nd places.

Available at -£49.99 monthly, £134.99 quarterly, £499.99 yearly. I think to get an essence for the service and the emails, it would be a good idea to show you an example email, so please email me and I’ll send you a typical email.

The winners are coming, although there have been a couple of occasions where we’ve had to wait for 6 or 7 losers until a winner arrives. I still believe that, if the gearing ratio is set to a realistic level, profits can continue to be made. 5startipster have also included a stop-loss facility into their new software and a method of loss retrieval based upon splitting stakes among many races rather than continuing progressive staking on one race, and thus increasing stakes to levels that are too uncomfortable. This is a very welcome addition and something I wanted to see.

A disappointing run of late without a winning selection of a price big enough to impact on losses. Some close calls amongst the each way bets finishing 4th, but 4th isn’t good enough! Make a Mark at 40/1 (100 on Betfair) was a win-only bet, finishing 2nd, but, as with this type of service, it’s that finishing 1st which would have added a whole new gloss to the results. Each way betting, and, with this service, win only betting on value prices (i.e. no odds ons etc) will, by its very nature, result in long losing runs and close shaves, but past experience tells me that just one or 2 winners in the near future will change the complexion. The service has added increasingly profitable months from June to date, including a 6.5 point profit in December to advised SP’s. January is currently running at a loss, but with half the month to go this could turn around.

I have been receiving the tips for proofing daily. A small foray into football betting was inconclusive, but the important stats are that a profit has been made from the back bets for the last 5 out of 6 bets. The key to this service is the each way philosophy akin to my own on the back blog. We select decent prices – worst-case scenario is that the horse will place, and when they win then great! At £29.50 a month it represents value for money. Again I cannot foretell the future, but if December’s profits are continued into January then fees will be covered and profits made.

The chap behind winningraceingtips has kindly agreed to share with readers the secrets of how he selects each way bets. As you know, it’s my favourite type of betting, so please go to and get your free guide

Foundation System

A bit of a conundrum here with the Foundation System. One tester has broken the £1,000 barrier with an initial £100 betting bank since November using a rolling bank – ie betting 10% of the betting bank on each subsequent bet. I must qualify this by saying that he has also set himself a price limit – he will not bet below 4/6. The key to his success as he sees it is NOT to bet on borderline cases. If you have a moment’s hesitation about a selection, don’t bet.

He selects via the newspaper exclusively as this is the only real source for the correct RPR ratings mentioned within the system. So, for a profit /loss synopsis using his price limiter.

“Since 4/1/07 when 10% rolling bank stood at £925 from start bank of £100 there has been a further 7 selections 4/6 or greater 6 of which have won rocketing present total to £1433 in 7days”

Now at face value, this is very impressive so far, and may, differ from the system creator’s own results.

To reiterate, NO borderline cases at all; don’t bet on a selection if it is under 4/6; best performance with a rolling 10% betting bank.

The grey area still remains – that of individuals’ interpretation of what constitutes a good write up by Spotlight and Spotlight’s verdict. For those of you with the Fast Cash Compendium (it was your Xmas present, remember?), on Page 8, under Step 1, you may like to view my interpretations of what constitutes strong support from Spotlight and Spotlight’s Verdict, and work to include this with other prevailing criteria within the Foundation System.

I am currently looking at marrying selections from the Foundation System with other systems’ selection criteria to come up with (hopefully) rock solid selections – even more so than our tester. This I hope will boost the strike rate, which, when backing predominantly odds on selections (without the price limiter) which must be high percentage.

I will update you soon on any further filters which will improve the strike rate and profitability of the basic Foundation System even further. Please look out for this very soon. A product from priced £95.

The 60% System

It is really early on in my trial with The 60% System, but I am in profit, albeit 1 point profit to a 20 point bank. Yes, this system does have potential, and the key to it would seem to be the staking plan and how it complements selections. As already mentioned we bet to a 20-point betting bank, and allocate 1 point or 2 points as the system indicates. A current strike rate of 62% since the New Year, if kept up, will ensure a profit as long as prices remain within the price bands of the last few weeks – between a low of 1/3 and a high of 2/1. This is a promising system but I cannot conclusively give it a thumbs up or down at such an early stage, nor can I possibly know its future performance. Available from for £95.

This system has been particularly disappointing of late, the majority of winners have been priced heavy odds on, which in no way compensates for the losers. Using my previous criteria of only backing between evens and 2/1 is still proving effective for a progressive staking plan, but with only 15 bets from December 1st to 15th January this may not appeal for those lacking patience.

Starting from 21st November 2006, I decided to keep track of all qualifying bets from the Adrian Massey site to see how they progressed. Now backing to level stakes only on horses which qualify from the Adrian Massey site BUT taking out all RTDO selections, a 19-point profit would have accrued to date. Plenty of selections at higher prices than standard RTDO selections. Will this carry on? I will keep track and keep you updated.

Available at for £19.99.

The Melchior System! Beware – pirated version and not Racing Post Advert Systems

I’m still using the pirated version.Why? Well it still works! Since I started tracking the system on 30 Nov 2006, I have profited on all bar 5 days. Now if we make further distinctions and don’t bet when the ground for a qualifying course is heavy, or at qualifying meetings where there are 7 runners instead of 6, then there would be only 1 losing day. Due to the criteria for selection, we are always guaranteed prices in excess of evens which adequately compensate for the losing days. The stop at a winner approach to this method is its key, and if it can continue along the current lines then I can see profit continuing over the long term. I have no definitive contact details for the systems, so if you are interested in this version, please do let me know. RECOMMENDED

Phil Pickford’s Golden Egg System

I have shelved this system as I can’t see the point of going through the same process day after day with the same outcome – NO NEW BETS! Rather reminds me of the Statistical Predictor, which I would advise you also avoid

Bill Clarke Masterplan

A 10-point loss since inception of my trial of this system doesn’t augur well. A string of good results mid December brought a profit of 22 points, but as you can guess it’s been in free fall to each way level stakes. I am going to continue with this system purely because it was originally constructed for the flat season, so I owe it that at least.

Legacy and Saver

Better profit with the Saver than The Legacy to date, and including selections that are a shade of odds on is making this profit more consistent. I’m hopeful of a continuation in this profitability as the weather becomes more stable and the jumps give way to the flat

Betbank Alerts

A massive 24 + point gain to see the New Year in has really put bet bank alerts into a healthy profit. This is due to the 5-0 Ashes whitewash, exacerbated by a few winning rugby bets. So punters over this December/January period have reaped some great rewards. For more details email


An unspectacular start by WININTENNIS to their 2007 tennis tipping service. There’s one thing that infuriates me and that is bad customer service, or, should I say, just a bad attitude.This is, alas, something that WININTENNIS have shown to a couple of readers in reply to perfectly legitimate queries. Unfortunately I have no influence over this aspect of the service.

Again, with only 2 weeks into the service, I cannot possibly predict future outcome, suffice to say that if the winners keep coming then compounding will really start to kick in bigtime.

A yearly profit of 8% is not what the guys at marketexcellence wanted, but it’s a return at least that can be built on for the coming year


I have followed this system, (and you can follow all lay systems on the lay blog) since the end of November, and followed their recommended staking plan, starting with a betting bank of £100 and looking to win £2 per race, until I reach £150 when stakes go up to £3. Well, the bank is currently £155, and I’m hopeful of a rosy future with this system. A price of £49.97 is a bit steep for a lay system, but I think the money spent can be made back quickly in profits.

POSITIVES – focus on sprint distances is ideal as anything can happen in these races. There have been occasions where 3 selections appear in one race, and they lose! Starting with £100 is also another positive. I must admit that the bank did dip to as low as £80 but if you just keep plugging away, as is the case with all lay systems, the maths will out! I remain confident of its continuous success, BUT if you don’t want to take the plunge, follow on the blog to see of profits remain

The results on their website are based on £50 and £100 and therefore look more impressive than using recommended stakes as per the daily emails. if backing using fixed stakes, profits are consistently made, but a decent sized betting bank is required to absorb losers. Using the recommended staking still ensures control of liabilities as there are some lays at double figures with a price ceiling on 15 in response to shifting alliance winning at 16/1 on 6th December 2006, which was 32 on Betfair – ouch! But since the price ceiling, and using the price structure recommended, we have profited consistently despite 2 very recent losers on 17th Jan at 9.6 and 7.6.

Again, as with all lay systems, they have to keep on swinging the bat and hitting the balls and ensuring that the losers will overcome the winners that do arrive. I remain positive about this tipping service, although I get the feeling that if I, or indeed, you were to concentrate on the prices they chose, which are the equivalent of backing 1/10 odds on shots at times, and couple this with an adequate staking plan which seeks to control the liability issue, then there will be no reason to pay for selections. Laycrazy offer 3 or 4 selections daily on average and, if you are looking for a good lay tipping service I do recommend them, BUT if you want to put a little bit of effort in, perhaps model their system of choosing 3-4 per day, ranging generally in price between 4 – 15 and using a staking plan based on price bands. Price: £ 29 for the first month and £49 thereafter, you will need a sizeable betting bank to make the service worthwhile if it continues supplying the losers as past performance indicates.

The Lay Whispherer

I’ve not managed to build up a database of results, but readers’ independent feedback has been wholly positive. Watch out for this one’s inclusion in the lay blog in the near future. From readers and not my own analysis it is worthy of the hype. Available for £47 from

Forex Profit Alert

A profitable year in 2006 augurs well for the upcoming year. For anyone who wants to see the results database please email me – it is available for inspection.

PS… Omnitrader

I have mentioned this financial trading platform in my last 2 eletters because I have found it to be a high quality product with the potential to make money This is not intended to be a long article, suffice to say that you will get more from visiting Feel free to contact Chris at the site who has been very helpful with me indeed, especially in showing me 2 strategies which really do produce a high strike rate of success across all currencies and indices. As I said this is not an in-depth study but just a few lines to make you aware that this is of sufficient quality to be included in the newsletter.

Freebies are now offering 500 minutes free trial to the betting exchange software – no obligation and a good opportunity to discover other people’s ways of trading on Betfair


Mayfair International Gaming Ltd

You will no doubt receive a mailshot soon regarding this outfits offer for professional gamblers to play the internet tables for you and share their winnings in exchange for you putting up the stake money.

This really is something to avoid like the plague. Sending your staking money to an unregulated company whose name gives them an air of legitimacy, without having met them, looked into their reputation, references etc, is asking for trouble. Is there a contract? What if they lose all your stake money?

I hope you get the point and file this in the bin.