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How to compound your way to £9,155 in 12 months  . . . £30,678 in 24 months and £48,145 pure profit in 36 months!



I’ve put my name to Pegasus Racing Club before and I am even happier to recommend it to you today.

Why? Simple. The latest results prove that this is one of the best long-term tipping services around.

You know how much I go on about the benefits of compounding  – those small regular gains that can add up to big long-term profits.

You also know I’m a big fan of progressive staking plans as long as the strike rate is sufficiently high to minimise any losing runs.

But what if we could marry progressive staking with the power of compounding – surely we’d be on to a winner?

Well Pegasus combines the 2 to brilliant effect. Just check out the full details here:


As you’ll see in a moment, their recommended starting bank of £1,200 would have grown to £48,145 since the beginning of 2005.

So how does it work? It’s actually really simple . . .

We all know that favourites win around 30% of the time. Of course you won’t get anywhere blindly backing the favourites. But if you could detect a pattern in the way these horses run and filter the variables until you could identify those that had a clear edge, then you could make regular – albeit small – profits.

Compound those small regular gains over the long term and the winnings really get interesting.

Ok, so Pegasus doesn’t making fancy claims like so many other tipsters I could mention. This is a clear and workable system with a great track record. The guy behind the system – John Hamer – suggests your daily profit target is between 0.5 -1% of your total betting bank (which is suggested at £1,200).

That’s just £5 – £10 per day – hardly life changing amounts!

But stick with me here as once we introduce compounding into the equation, things get very interesting.

If we take Pegasus’ recommended figures, here’s what would happen after a year  . . .

I’ve checked and doubled-checked the figures and they are rock solid.

Since 1st January 2007, a £1,200 starting bank would have grown to £9,155 by end of December the same year.

And here’s where it gets really exciting:

If you’d started with the same bank in January 2006 you’d now be sitting on a whopping £30,678!

And since the beginning of 2005, that bank would now stand at £48,145!

Not bad for 1% a day! And let me be clear. This is not pie-in-the-sky claims of ‘we’ll make you £25,000 PER MONTH GUARANTEED’ you normally find with the glossy brochure brigade

It is highly achievable, intelligently thought out and most of all REALISTIC.

The Pegasus approach takes compounding but controls the amount of risk we are exposed to. Yes, the profits are small to begin with, but keep your eye on the long term and you could be laughing!

What’s the secret to the strategy? I wish I knew!

John Hamer is keeping his selection process under wraps. I don’t blame him. If he can supply consistent profits as he has done for the past 3 years, then I know I would!

If you are at all interested, I urge you to check it out now. Just click on this link:


Here’s how you use Pegasus:

You can operate the system every day – all you need is access to the Internet and about 15 minutes of your time. As a member of the club, you get a unique logon and password.  After 10:30 am every day, you log into the member’s area where you can access the selected races of the day, which have been pre-determined by the Pegasus selection criteria.

Then simply follow the instructions to place your stakes. You decide how much profit you want to make, key this figure into the online bet calculator and this will calculate the stakes required to achieve your desired profit level.

I think it is worth pointing out that it’s not compulsory to start with £1,200, but of course any fraction of that figure would lead to a corresponding, proportional decrease in profits. Likewise, any higher figure than £1,200 brings a proportionally greater return.

Come on Clive, what about the negatives?

OK, so you need a reasonable size bank to start, unless you are extremely patient!

You’ll also need to be able to access the live betting market (most of the time only once per day) for about 5-10 minutes, but occasionally 2 or 3 and 5-minute slots throughout the afternoon.

Also it’s important to point out that you must have PATIENCE.  You won’t be making large profits day on day to begin with.  As you can see, this is a long-term game.

Quick, before it gets too popular!

Chances are you’ve never come across Pegasus Racing Club before, yet they have actually been operating for 6 years. But due to one of the key partners (he was the marketer) leaving, they have been keeping a low profile.

This is a big shame, but also a wonderful opportunity if you are interested in taking the compounding route to profits.

Interested? Then just go to the online info and check it out:


Have a good look around and make sure you look at those all important results.

Once you are satisfied, as I am, that this is the real deal, just click on the ‘Join Today’ link at the bottom of the page and that will take you through to the secure order form.

Bottom Line: If you have the patience (and good sense) to use compounding and progressive stakes in your betting, then this is one of the best possible services I have come across.

Highly recommended!




PS:  Take a look out these testimonials (yes, they are real – I’ve checked!)

‘Since last writing to you, my bank is standing just short of £4,000 from the original £500 7 weeks ago and is forecast to surpass that in the next couple of days. Keep up the good work!’ Mr. D.T., Grantham

‘…it`s a good feeling to make your target in 10- 20 mins, then turn off the computer knowing you have made what some people earn in 8 hours.’ Mr. L. C., Middlesbrough

‘I made £25 in my first day – amazing – I’ll be a member for a long time. Day two – covered my first month’s subscription already. You should have confidence in this system – it really works’ Mr. T.R., Didcot

‘…and I can’t thank you enough for the improvements in my lifestyle that the Pegasus Club has given me’ Mr. D.R., Leicester

‘I was sceptical at first, but I quickly realised the potential of this amazing system. I started small, making about £20 per day in the first 2 weeks, but now I have built my betting bank to a level that has enabled me to achieve £100 per day! Thank you once again.’ Mr. J.C., Hull

‘…now making more in a few minutes every day than I do for 40 hours a week in my job as an office manager…’ Mr. S.B., London

‘cannot believe how simple it is to make money. I am extremely sceptical by nature but was recommended to your club by a good friend whom I trust implicitly. I owe him big time!!’