Yes! It keeps churning out regular winners – (and is still only £20!)

Just a quick update on the RTDO system. I’m glad to say it’s still doing the business, recent winners include11/10, 2/1, 11/4, 2/5, 11/8, 4/11, 2/7, 13/8, 4/5, 2/5, 2/5, 10/11 and 2/5 in February alone -some decent prices included to help increase that betting bank – and NO you didn’t have to fork out £2,000 for the privilege – take a couple of 00’s away and you’re closer the mark!

I’m very happy with RTDO and continue to recommend it. If my email inbox is anything to go by, a lot of you are very are happy too! Some of you have chosen to follow progressive staking, while others are happy to just use a simple staking plan. Either way makes sense.

One thing I have noticed is a prevalence of selections at prices over 4/1. Perhaps consider backing these selections each-way to protect your betting bank. That way you’ll get your stakes returned if the horse is placed – which it has been on a number of occasions!