The marketing for the Betting Profit Formula is perhaps some of the most aggressive I have come across recently. Recommended by the usual suspects and more besides (of course these recommendations are highly biased by affiliates who must convey positivity or they don’t get paid!) is there any substance to the claims and the testimonials that accompany this product?  Thanks must go to Josh Jacobs for forwarding a copy of his system to me, and it is immediately obvious that he has spent some time on the package, BUT will that time spent turn into profits for you? I’m afraid I can’t really go in-depth with each strategy as I have only just received the Betting Profit Formula and it is impractical that I could have tested each and every strategy for a sufficient length of time to give a definitive thumbs up or down, so this article just offers my initial impressions.

The manual begins with “betting fundamentals” and a discussion on “value “in betting, as well as a synopsis on 4 specific staking plans (as you will have read in my 3 into 1 update there are many many more staking plans that could have been alluded to and that should not be dismissed).

The beginnings of the manual provide basic housekeeping regarding staking and the keeping of records of bets placed which is common sense and which I agree with.

No great revelations just yet!

And so, with great expectation I come across the “Pickpocket” system which essentially tells us to go to a website and follow the tips of the most profitable people who proof their tips, for free, to that site. Hey – if it’s free, and it pays, then why not! But this is hardly a “system” devised by Mr Jacobs. I suppose for those unaware that a free tips site existed which showed return on investment, strike rate etc, then this piece of advice is probably very useful. The Betfair Fallacy is discussed and a section on fishing for odds, all pretty basic to yours truly but I suppose of benefit to a complete novice, and it is to the complete novice that I think this ebook is aimed. Josh’s each-way strategy mentioned looks to have great promise and is something I would want to follow up.

His lay strategy is hardly new at all and is pretty much common knowledge, infact I have seen it mentioned elsewhere numerous times. The course places great emphasis in finding value bets and I suppose this is a good thing, but personally I dispense with value and use personal opinion. I create value bets in running in reaction to underdogs scoring first etc.

The football bet value finder system again piques my interest and is worthy of future investigation. I doubt I will use this system personally as I have numerous strategies which prove effective for me. That said, this may be a profitable method of finding value in football matches. I will certainly have a look at it and report back.

There’s a section of trading using Betfair and while some of the strategies are very familiar to me, others are new and in different sporting arenas to those I am familiar with, such as cricket and tennis,  and given the volume of tennis matches in any given week, I would like to see if I can make these strategies profitable.

Overall, the emphasis with this course is on finding value, with the mantra that if you’re always backing value bets you can’t fail but profit (even though some value bets appear in outcomes akin to Elvis riding Red Rum in the next Grand National!)

Bottom line

The course is an amalgamation of systems, some found via forums and enhanced, and others unique to Joshua Jacobs. Clearly he has put the effort in. There are a number of strategies that will be familiar to the long suffering punter and Betfair user but there are some strategies that are worthy of further trialling and investigation, especially the each way value strategy which some have pointed out is familiar to the Value Horse Finder. This may be just coincidence, as Joshua Jacobs comes across as a guy who is genuine. Perhaps there is too much information here and it is too overwhelming –194 pages worth! Personal preference would have been for individualised systems produced via, say, a monthly course to allow you to focus and master one specific area and then move onto the next area with a good interval in between.

The course does not offer any profit and loss figures for any of the systems, just a reassuring muttering of the mantra that over the long term you will profit.

It could have done with more video screen captures of the various techniques at work in the real world – this really would have been of great benefit to a large number of the course buyers I am sure, especially regarding the trading systems talked about I have taken 2-3 strategies out of the course to look at in greater detail. I will update you as to my progress with these strategies and give you a definitive answer as to whether $197 will be money well spent.