I have been using exclusively the safebetplan this past week as an experiment in staking ,money management ,and discipline. I still need to keep the greed monster at bay, and not wade in even if Arsenal are playing Wigan at home!

The safebetplan has enabled me this week to become more adventurous in my bets. Let’s take in running on the horse racing. With £1000 bank, the safebetplan has given me a figure as my stake of £27. Now it’s up to me to invest that £27 and relay the outcome to the software. This £27 can be used as a backer’s stake, to back a horse to win or for the place. It can be used as an in running stake. If you are watching the racing and one horse looks particularly strong, you can use the allocated stake to back that horse. I even use the £27 for laying? How? Well the £27 becomes my LIABILITY amount and NOT my stake.

This presents a problem when relaying the outcome to the safebetplan which is NOT a laying staking plan. Here’s what I do. Say I have laid a team at odds of 2.2 for £27 liability – my stake will be roughly £23. How will I relay this to the safebetplan as this is a lay bet?

I will go into a market on betfair where the odds are up but the market is inactive . Select a horse’s back odds and enter a stake of £27. I will then reduce the price until it gives me a payout of £23.Give or take a few pennies the odds are 1.84.
So this lay at 2.2 for a liability of £27 is the same as backing at 1.84 with a stake of £27.
I am sure there is a correlation between back and lay odds – a table out there to show at a glance the equivalent back and lay bets. I will search for one and keep you informed.

I guess the main purpose of this article is to show you the importance of money management. If you are proficient enough at selecting outcomes and have a decent enough strike rate, BUT you have a tendency to back a perceived “sure thing” with all of your betting bank in the hope that “sure thing” is a “sure thing” ( and remember “there’s no such thing as a sure thing” )  – then this software will be ideal for you. It will tell you the exact stake to place next – NO QUESTIONS!  Your next stake will be x amount – do with it what you will, and input the outcome of that bet into the software so it can determine your next stake .

THis kind of money management will turn your betting into INVESTING. The software always generally outperforms level stakes software.
THis past week has seen my bank grow £500 -admittedly I am able to play the in running markets on betfair, but I have also placed bets and left them alone. I have laid outcomes as well as backed outcomes and my biggest stake was £80 to £1000 betting bank. My stake is now only £27 because I have been hitting a very good strike rate, albeit with very low odds bets. £27 as a proportion of £1000 means if the bet loses, I’m still IN THE GAME . I haven’t lumped my £1K on KAuto Star for instance, just a measly £27 ,and that was in the place only market at 1.4!. Slow and steady are the watchwords.

Highly recommended www.safebetplan.com