Yes, the man who cost Roman Abramovich some money (which was lying at the back of his couch) has actually scored a goal. Unbelievable stuff! Another of my sequences ended, along with Watford winning a match midweek against Hull.

I’m still sweating on West Ham, or the ‘Hamsters’ as they are affectionately not known as, and though I’d thought I’d bagged that elusive win mid week, only to find Premier League contenders Chesterfield showing why they, ahem, are one of the, er, favourites for world football domination, by routing the Hammers 2-1. I did make some money on the match to be fair. Having laid Chesterfield at 6.00, I backed them at 27 after the ‘c’mon you irons’ scored first, and sat on a risk free 60 pound payout on all 3 possible results.

With a home match against Blackburn Rovers on Sunday, what chance a result?

My other sequence bet, on WayneRooney, continues, and they face a mean spirited Bolton at the Reebok. I will continue to back Wayne in the ‘to score anytime ‘ market until he scores, or I have to sell the house because he refuses to score. The under 2.5 goal trade On Chelsea v Portsmouth came good with a 2-0 win, as did the Everton Sheffield United match which was 2-0. The Real Madrid v Barca game was also 2-0 and another under 2.5 bet coming off.

Remember last week’s 3 match perm on Celtic, Everton and Villa, well that came good with a Celtic win, Everton win, and Villa draw – it shows that including draws as insurance options can pay off.

This week’s 3 match plan will have Chelsea as the bankers, although I note with interest that Sheffield United have beaten Chelsea in 4 of their last 5 meetings. This stat doesn’t hold much sway with me ,as a certain Roman ‘spare us 20p for a cuppatea guvnor’ Abramovich has done a bit of shopping in the intervening period.

I will also include Cardiff and the draw , and Spurs away and the draw. So how will the bet look like this week (apologies if the following is skeewif, email me if you can’t view the table and I’ll send you another version!):

BET 1                           BET 2               BET 3
CHELSEA        2                                  2                  2
CARDIFF        1                          1                  X
SPURS 2                                  X X                            
ODDS 4.56 7.06                              9.28
STAKE(100) 46.79                      30.23 22.96                           
RETURN 213.31 213.31                          213.31                         
PROFIT 113.31              113.31                          113.31

I would have preferred some home teams but couldn’t have Liverpool, Newcastle, Bolton, or Portsmouth, especially as the latter face the impressive Reading. A more speculative feel this weekend, let’s see how things progress. Of course if Cardiff and Spurs both draw, I’m in trouble!

The key to this system is finding the banker bet. This is why they are usually odds ons. There is a coupon called the Euro Coup and it may be worth experimentig with that coupon as there are a lot more banker bets, of the likes of Galatasary at home, Fenerbahce, Barcelona at home, Lyon, Ac Milan, and Juventus is Seria B.

The football has the potential for a couple of decent under 2.5 goals trade with ManCity v Boro and Bolton v Man United.

There could be mileage in doing a correct score permutation using 0-0, 1-0, 0-1 in the Bolton Man Utd match. Their formidable home record defensively speaking, could make low scoring a possibility.

The guys behind Sports Statisitican have released a new publication entitled ‘Premier Stats’ and I have copy too. It’s a cracking read, but will take me a little while to interpret the stats – I think it’ll be a real winner and look forward to receiving a few more issues . . .

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Well, this week I’ve been firing off the emails on your behalf and have the bagsbeater in my search for a viable greyhound strategy. The greyhound markets on Betfair are heavily favoured for the backer, because of the lack of liquidity and necessary market forces to make lay prices competitive, and in the bagsbeater I may have found something, a system which hinges on the fact that a large proportion of dogs who are first at the first bend, go on to win their races. I have also managed to get a couple more tipsters on board, again far removed from the glossy brochure brigadiers. These tipsters are quietly doing their thing, and I’m hopeful.

I have got my hands on the Soccer Magic Matrix this weekend, and I hope it doesn’t contain PaulDaniels and Keanu Reeves although the lovely DebbieMcGhee would be most welcome. Along with the Blueprint 7, Football Betting science, Cameron’s Fixed Odds, I hope to unearth something to pass on to you that can neutralize the risk to a larger extent and produce more consistent profits.

I have also managed to get my hands on JasonChester’s Bettingexchangeprofits manual and must stress that this
manual’s main requirement is that the reader is able to follow the horse racing in a live environment with access to the betfair price market.

Remember in the ‘follow the money’ articles in What Really Wins Money, I mentioned the Betfair market, well this manual takes it a step further. I trialed it for the first time yesterday and it proved successful. I will be trialing it continuously with each day’s horseracing card and will keep you posted. It does require a lot of personal judgment in making selections and deals with quick accumulators but I remain hopeful that Mr Chester’s tome is something I can recommend to you.


After a couple of bad days, the last 2 days on the blog have been superb, with 2 16/1 winners and a couple of 7/1 winners, and numerous 7/2, 11/4 and more besides. It’s at http://clivekeeling.spaces.live.com and is still free! (Note from Nick The Publisher: not for long if I have my way! ;-))

Time-permitting, I want to get a dedicated lay and footy blog going. The lay one I feel will be especially helpful.

I hope the blogs success will continue this weekend. I note some of the big boys are re-appearing, a lot of whom will be Cheltenham bound in March (along with me I hope!). Black JackKetchum, Degas Art, Monet’s Garden, In Compliance, DavidsMark, NeptunesCollonges, A glass in Thyne, Keltic Bard – I could go on and on (and normally do) makes for a quality weekend of racing. Again, my thoughts (for what they’re worth!) will be on the blog – I will seek to bag a few more winners.


Yes my niece is still delivering with blistering accuracy, shaking the bookmakers to their very foundations with her mind blowing big priced coups (enough already – ed). Another week of battle with the bookies and she delivered with Valery Borzov at 7/2 – her analysis – ‘she sounds like a ballerina’ , Pairumani Princess at 7/2 ‘she’s a princess’, and Milk and Sultana ‘ mummy says milk is good for us’ at 7/1. Can this run continue? She did miss out on Mystic Queen 3rd at 7/2, Firework, 2nd at 7/1, and Whoopsie3rd at 10/1 – even her losers are placing! Her devastating form analysis is certainly paying dividends.

My shopping will start on November 1st and I have taken all of your suggestions on board. With a fixed budget my intention is the buy more of the better priced ,with some big priced systems thrown in, although I am loathe to use people such as AD Associates and their ilk. If you want a system or tipster checked out, please let me know. I can always approach them with a view to trialing their services – you never ask – you never get!

I am particularly interested in other than horses-football systems, with golf, greyhounds, rugby, tennis ( the 30 minute system is not hitting the percentages required for profit by the way) being top of my list. SO please let me know.

A jam-packed weekend in store on the horse and football front. Selectivity will, I’m sure, ensure profits, and watch out for changeable ground conditions especially on the jumps courses.

Personally, I’ve got a tough match against ‘The Drunken Duck’ on Sunday – no not a drunken duck, although our team could probably secure a draw, but the ‘Drunken Duck’ pub side filled with fat beer swillers. I think it’ll be on Prem Plus on Sunday morning. It’s not so much a must win game, as a must – turn up – game because it’s Sunday morning, but I’m looking forward to my ‘LothatMattheus’ role sweeping at the back. Hope you have a great weekend, and feel free to email me with any queries you might have – and do take a look at the blog http://clivekeeling.spaces.live.com – I will do my very best to replicate the profits of the last 2 days!

Best regards